What’s Better Than Free Sex Toys?

Want Free Sex Toys?

We all want more sex! We want more toe-curling, moan-inducing, goosebumps-forming, electric sex! That’s a given. But, sometimes you might not have a special friend for sexual encounters. If you do have a special someone and they’re out of town, you might want to reach for the next best thing: sex toys! Or if you’re like me, you use sex toys with your significant other! Sex toys come in many shapes and sizes and some are made for men and others for men. Sex toys are great for couples to share as well! Ladies you might want to settle in for the night with a lovely, new rabbit vibrator. Gentleman, you might want to play with a brand new stroker. The options are endless from dildos to anal beads, nipple clamps to penis pumps. You may be thinking; these toys are so expensive! How can I get some free ones? I want some free sex toys! I’ve got some exciting news for you.

Read until the end of this article for an offer for your very own free sex toys!

Getting free sex toys online can be tricky. As with most things that are ‘free’ they’re hard to come by. You also don’t want to visit a site you don’t trust for fear of being hacked. AdamandEve.com is a trusted site that has been in business for over forty years. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality sex toys, lube and other products have set the industry standard for how an adult sex shop operates online. You can expect discreet shipping and billing to keep your purchase private. The sex toy arrives in unassuming packaging. This means your nosey neighbor can’t balk at your new dildo as it sits on your doorstep. Further, their products ship fast. Not only will your sex toy be free, it will also ship free and very fast. You really can’t beat that. So, you’ll get quality sex toys from a name you trust with Adam and Eve.

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The benefits of shopping for sex toys online are numerous. If you’ve ever been to a brick-and-mortar adult store, you know that some of them can be kind of gross and weird. Our society has such a weird stigma about sex toys and sex in general. Shopping for sex toys online is great, because you don’t get self conscious as you shop. You’ll find the most extensive collection of toys at AdamandEve.com they have literally thousands of adult products. You name it; they’ve got it (and often in three or more colors). You’ll find everything you need from toys to lube to porn and cleanup. Adam and Eve have you covered. They also have these awesome starter kits to introduce you to some different toys or types of play. I highly recommend you look at some of their anal training kits and couples sex kits too. Into bondage? My friend they’ve got bondage gear to tie you up! In summation, you’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of new sex toys if you shop for them online. So if you’re shy, but very curious I suggest this method for you. Further, you can find great promos to get free sex toys and other stuff through blog posts like this one.

Alright, I’ve told you all about my favorite adult sex shop. I’ve also highlighted the benefits of shopping for sex toys online. How do I get free sex toys? You ask.

Alright, I might not be able to offer you a 100% free order, but if you spend a little of your hard earned money, I can absolutely make sure you get some free stuff to go along with it. Adam & Eve make quality sex toys that require luxurious materials and detailed craftsmanship. That being said, they just can’t give their goods away. But, they can get you the best rates on your next sex toy. Because they are so popular, Adam & Eve is the most competitive sex store online. They’ve given me a promo code to share with you. And trust me, it is better than just a free toy! Go to AdamandEve.com and enter promo code SCORE50 at checkout. You’ll get 50% OFF any single item! Yes, that’s half off PLUS your new sex toy will come with a Free Mystery Gift, PLUS 3 Free Sexy DVDs, and Free Discreet Shipping. That’s impressive right? You’re getting a lot more than just a sex toy. Let me break this down for you. Let’s say you find a beautiful dildo you can’t wait to use. Pop that sexy toy in your cart and head to checkout. It’s $20. That’s not too bad, but it is a little expensive. Enter that promo code SCORE50. Wait for it… Magic! That toy is now only $10. Then it comes with some sexy DVDs for you to watch while you play with it! How does it get to me? Oh yeah, that’s free too! Free shipping! And, that mystery gift I mentioned that could be anything from free lube, free condom, or a free sex toy. So yeah, I think it is safe to say this is an amazing deal all for just $10. Head on over to AdamandEve.com and get yourself your dream sex toy for super cheap with this discount. Hurry! This deal won’t last forever and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to score some free sexy stuff!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting for your new sex toy at Adam & Eve.

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  1. Justin Tucker November 24, 2016

    my name is justin.I am straight and love masturbation. I Love watching a woman I Love being watched.I’ve tried some toys and really like what I’ve used. Mutual masturbation is the best. What toys would I like? And when are you sending them?

  2. mike winiewicz March 15, 2017

    Me and wife love to try new toys and and love to work with u guys

  3. Diana April 24, 2017

    I love sex toys. And currently don’t have any would live to try some

  4. Diana taylor April 24, 2017

    Want take try a viibrator never udksed one

  5. michelle June 18, 2017

    id love to test these products ive not had much experience with toys but I know what I like:)

  6. Missy carlson September 25, 2017

    Hello! My boyfriend and I are exsploring more and more and will be more then happy to try some new toys and definitely give you a full review

  7. Jimmy Lee Bargy October 9, 2018

    Never used sex toys it’s new to me but would like to try

  8. Randy Stilke November 7, 2018

    Want to try new ways to masturbate

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    love to try new sex toys

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