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Looking for the best female sex toys? Use this amazing guide to help find clitoral toys, g-spot toys and some bondage gear to get a little naughty in the bedroom..

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Guide To Buying Female Sex Toys

Browsing through female sex toys is actually less daunting than you think it would be. Sure, there are a lot of options, but just like shopping for clothing or furniture or browsing a menu at a restaurant, looking through all the female sex that are available is actually really fun. The slightly challenging part is finding a sex toy that you actually enjoy the most – that could take multiple years, because I’m telling you, there are hundreds of female sex toys out there will take you the moon and back and leave you an orgasmic mess in a pile of sweaty sheets.

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Sophomore Bunny Best Female Sex Toy

Sophomore Bunny

Here is your guide to buying female sex toys…

First, it is important to know that some of the best female sex toys have many different features and each one will have a different size, shape, width, length and so on. What you want to keep in mind when looking for the ultimate erotic tool is what you want to gain from the toy. Are you looking for something that will get you off during foreplay? Are you looking for something that will get you off during some solo fun? Are you looking for a sex toy you can use with your partner to make your orgasm more intense?

Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet

Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet

I know, lot’s of questions to ask. So, let’s delve a little deeper. First off, let’s start with clitoral sex toys. Most vibrators are clitoral toys. Any female sex toy that has some kind of vibration setting, like the Sophomore Bunny, will be an erotic tool that you can use to stimulate your clitoris. When it comes to these vibrating toys, you many different subcategories. You’ll have tools that are designed and intended simply for clitoral pleasure – like the Adam and Eve Silver Vibrating Bullet – or you’ll have a toy that stimulates both the clit and your g-spot at the same time, like the First Time Silicone G Teaser. Of course, the latter category will definitely give you a more dynamic orgasm if you are looking for that sort of thing.

First Time Silicone G Teaser

First Time Silicone G Teaser

Next up, let’s talk about some of the best female sex toys for strictly g-spot fun. Now, again, you aren’t going to find the best female sex toy for g-spot stimulation – you are going to find many different toys. If you don’t know where your g-spot is, now is the time to discover it. If you have never had a g-spot orgasm, you are truly missing out. One of my favorite g-spot toys is the A&E Silicone Diamond G Vibrator. Again, this is a toy that was designed to stimulate the g-spot, so you are going to get some focused g-spot action – without having to strain or get creative. Just like you use a spoon to eat soup, you want to use a g-spot vibrator to stimulate your g-spot.

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A&E Silicone Diamond Darling Vibrator

A&E Silicone Diamond G Vibrator

Another fun type of female sex toy to experiment with is bondage gear. I like bondage toys because you can do so much with them. Of course, they aren’t for everyone, but they can be a little addicting once you started. At first, I would start with a whip or maybe even some handcuffs – then I recommend working up to some full kits, like the Sex and Mischief Kit. I like bondage toys, because they can add a new dimension to your sexual experience. I also recommend that you purchase these toys before your next sexual experience – just to get used to the feeling of whipping a whip and locking handcuffs.

Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M Kit

Sex & Mischief Red Restraint Kit

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of female sex toys out there. In order to find the best female sex toys, you want to explore. I recommend picking up one clitoral vibrator, one g-spot vibrator, and some bondage gear. There’s no doubt that you will have a great time and you will take your sex life and orgasms to the next level. The great part about some of the best female sex toys is that there are a lot of them, which means that you can literally never stop exploring. In the end, female sex toys can broaden your horizons, boost your confidence and they can give you something to talk to your girlfriends about when the boyfriends are out playing golf.

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  1. Kim August 23, 2014

    Great guide for buying sex toys! I’ve been looking into them but there’s so many different options. Thanks for posting.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 26, 2014

      what looks more enticing to you?

  2. Kari Blackwell August 30, 2014

    Thanks it’s the best guide, I really like the sophomore bunny because that product is great. Gets the job done quickly, and has great speed control. Not too big, not too thin. Overall very pleased with this product.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 3, 2014

      I am happy that you appreciate my review 🙂 Have a great day Kari!

  3. Stephanie September 6, 2014

    Good job, Taylor! It’s a great guide. I’d bet a lot of women would love to have your advice on getting the nerve to buy sex toys. Many women are still so shy about it.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 15, 2014

      I, too uses them and love to share my experiences to everyone, so it would be better to choose what’s the best they can try. I’ve been blogging a lot please check my other articles.

  4. Linda T September 15, 2014

    I replaced the Screaming O Bullet for this Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet and I love it. I like that I get to set the vibration to my liking. Pretty cool.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 17, 2014

      Lovely isn’t it? *giggles*

  5. Marilyn Moore September 16, 2014

    Buying female sex toys has always been difficult due to the fact that there are thousands of options out there. They’re coming out with new sex toys everyday! My advice would be to try a lot of them and just see what works for you. I promise you’ll find something amazing.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 17, 2014

      Agreed! That’s why I love blogging about it so I can share my experiences with you gals. 🙂

  6. Kimberly Watson October 5, 2014

    Bought this as a gift for a friend for her birthday and she loved it!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden October 5, 2014

      Oh…you’re so sweet Kimberly and a great friend! 🙂

  7. Barbara R October 24, 2014

    This Sophomore Bunny certainly gets the job done. It doesn’t drain battery super fast either. I love the different setting options. It’s a great beginner vibe. It’s also super easy to clean. I’ve used it in the bath, and it was water-tight as far as I know.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 21, 2014

      It’s good to hear that from you, I love the product too 🙂

  8. Vajjazled November 15, 2014

    This bullet vibrator packed a lot more punch than I expected. It does a great of of stimulating the clit, but can also be used internally or on other special spots 😉 The remote is fun to give to a partner, too!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 21, 2014

      Yeah! It’s best to experiment with this product 😉

  9. Joker Mark December 26, 2014

    Adam and Eve Silver bullet works perfectly, much as every other egg I’ve purchased. The wire sometimes kinks and doesn’t work, but gently straightening it out fixes that problem quickly

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden January 27, 2015

      Yes Mark, It does really works I can easily reach my orgasm when my partner is wearing Adam and Eve Silver Bullet. 🙂

  10. Kristen Wars May 24, 2015

    This is the second sophomore bunny I have been had the pleasure of owning that type of toy.

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