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Five Best Selling Sex Toys

If you are looking for sex toys – whether it is your first time or the hundredth time – looking towards the best-selling sex toys is your best bet…

There are a number of reasons why people keep coming back to these toys – they have a superior ability to give you more pleasure in the bedroom and to make your sex life more erotic, dynamic and exciting. Some of the top selling sex toys have become top sellers because people use them so much that they need a new one or the sex toy has rocked their world so much that they need to get one for a friend. Here are five of the best-selling toys.

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Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

First up is perhaps the best-selling sex toy in the male masturbator department. The Super Head Honcho Masturbator was named “sex toy of the year” and people have said, “this masturbator feels just like a blow job.” It is true, this sex toy is amazing and it will transform your masturbating experience. Not only does it feel like the real thing, but it has little suction chambers inside the masturbator that gently provide traction, so that it literally feels like you are getting the best fellatio of your life. If you’re looking for the best sex toy for male masturbation, this amazing tool will definitely do the trick.

Blue Dolphin Vibrator, Waterproof Vibrator, Waterproof Vibrator Review

Blue Dolphin Vibrator

Next up is one of the best selling sex toys in the female masturbation department. The Blue Dolphin Vibrator is a best-selling sex toy for a reason – it has everything that you would need in a vibrator: waterproof capabilities, textured surface, realistic penis head, and adjustable speeds. But perhaps the real reason why this vibrator is so popular is because it is designed to feel just like a real cock. With the textured surface, you get veins, ripples and ridges – just like an erect penis. It is also the perfect size – for clitoral pleasure and insertable pleasure.

Wild G-Spot Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator Review

Wild G-Spot Vibrator

Another one of the best sex toys in the female masturbation department is the Wild G-Spot Vibrator. Just the name alone should give you a hint as to why this is the best selling sex toy out there. Not only do you get multiple speeds and functions – you also have a curved tip that was designed exclusively to give you g-spot stimulation. Plus, as you insert the curved tip of this vibrator, little rotating beads will spin around and give you even more pleasure. Out of all the sex toys out there, this one will definitely become your new closest masturbatory companion.

And if you aren’t familiar with glass dildos, you may be interested in trying out the A&E Blue Swirl Glass 4-Way ‘G’. Glass dildos make some of the best selling sex toys because they feel incredible and they are incredibly easy to clean, which makes them simple, portable and easy to manage. Another reason why glass dildos are so amazing is because they retain and absorb temperatures quickly, which means that you don’t have to worry about feeling like you are inserting a block of ice. Of course, you could also leave the dildo in the freezer overnight if you want to experiment with different temperature sensations.

 Blue Swirl Glass 4-Way ‘G’

A&E Blue Swirl Glass 4-Way ‘G’

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Double Delight Strap On, Sex Toys for Women, Sex Toys for Women Review

Hollow Strap-On For Him Or Her

If you want to find the best sex toy for couple’s fun, you may want to try out the Hollow Strap-On for Him or Her. If you haven’t tried a strap on dildo, you are really missing out. One of the best things about a strap on is that you can do many different things – there are so many opportunities. You can experiment with anal play, role reversal and more. Plus, if your man gets tired, you can simply ask him to put on a strap on and finish you off.

Lastly, there are many best-selling sex toys on the market – trying out these top selling sex toys will ensure that you will have a good time and that you won’t be disappointed…

At the end of the day, there are a lot of sex toys out there and it can be intimidating to find the best ones for your next sexual adventure, but going with the tried and true classics can make your search a lot easier. In the end, if so many other people have enjoyed these sex toys, there is a good chance you will too.

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  1. Danno Jeff May 24, 2015

    Head Honcho is Super squishy – learning curve just to handle. Feels wonderful though not like the real thing (this is super tight on me – feels like anal starting out – this is good too!!). Gets you rock hard – I could see it used for warming up and getting the blood flowing right – no Viagra needed.

  2. E Taylor June 23, 2015

    Powerful vibration, just thick enough and long enough for my cravings and the nubs at the base give very amazing clitoral stimulation when using it.

  3. Dianne Randolph June 24, 2015

    My partner is on the other side of the spectrum and takes FOREVER to finish. So it was a great success to be able to use this to warm him up. It’s extremely flexible and super soft. I like to push it all the way down and use it while giving him head. Very easy to use and clean. It’s been a couple months since we’ve purchased and when completely dry and clean has a the feel of one of those “sticky hands” toys. But when using with lube it feels nice and slick.

  4. Patricia Kinman July 10, 2015

    I used a Blue Dolphin Vibrator and It works perfectly. It is a little noisy now, I don’t know if I did it or if it suppose to be the dolphin sound, lol!

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