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Check out the best female sex toys at that every woman should have

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Five Best Female Sex Toys

There are a lot of female sex toys on the market – you’ve probably realized that already, especially if you are reading this after an exasperated search that proved too overwhelming…

It is true, searching for sex toys can be hard – there are a lot of options and it can be difficult to know what the best female sex toys are. The truth is that the best female sex toy is the one that can get you off in multiple different ways. If you haven’t realized this already, the female anatomy has a lot of erogenous pleasure zones, so it important to find a female sex toy that can cover all the bases, so to speak. Here are the five best female sex toys.

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Adam & Eve Magic Massager

By far one of the best female sex toys and perhaps the most powerful is definitely Adam and Eve’s Magic Wand Massager. If you’ve never used a magic wand massager, you are definitely missing out. This magic wand is incredibly powerful, because it plugs right into the wall. Most vibrators require batteries, which are powerful, but not nearly as powerful as pure electricity. Plus, this amazing female sex toy has incredibly strong dual speeds, so you can start light and then work your way up to an orgasm like you’ve never had before.

Vibrating Silver Bullet, Best Sex Toys, Best Sex Toys Review

A&E Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0

And on a much more compact scale, the A&E Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0. puts other female sex toys to shame. Besides its compact and intuitive size, the vibrating bullet is the perfect everyday sex toy. If you’ve had a long day at work or a frustrating first date, you can always come home to your trusty bullet vibrator. Another reason why the vibrating bullet is so amazing is because you can actually add it as an ingredient to other sex toys. Are you tired of your old dildo? – You can always use it with your silver bullet to add some vibrating power. There’s nothing like bringing an old sex toy back to life.

16 Function Super Rabbit Vibrator, Waterproof Vibrator, Waterproof Vibrator Review

16 Function Super Rabbit Vibrator

Another one of the best female sex toys is the amazingly powerful and orgasmically intense 16 Function Super Rabbit Vibrator. The reason why this vibrator is the best female sex toy is because it is like the fighter jet of vibrators. If you’ve ever tried a rabbit vibrator, you know how amazingly pleasurable they can be, but this erotic tool takes it to the next level. Not only is it waterproof, but you also get sixteen different controls that include vibration power, rotation power and even pulsating power. Really, there is no end in sight when it comes to how much pleasure this female sex toy can give you.

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Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator, Waterproof Vibrator, Waterproof Vibrator Review

Fingo’s Tingly Finger Vibrator

Next, if you’re searching for the best female sex toys for all the ladies that like to have a little more control of their sex toys, why not try out the Fingo’s Tingly Finger Vibrator. This little vibrating gadget easily goes on the finger, so that you can have full control of this vibrator, which is perfect for the bath. No more do you have to worry about losing the vibrator at the bottom of the bath and no more having to look for it through all the bubbles. Another reason why you’ll love this female sex toy is because it is fun to use with a partner as well ¬– perfect for foreplay.

So, there you have it – the five best female sex toys on the market!

When it comes to looking for a female sex toy, it is all about form and function – never one or the other. The form is important, because you want the toy to be interchangeable between sex and foreplay. The function is important because you want the erotic tool to have enough power to get you either close to orgasm or all the way to home base. In foreplay, sometimes you want to get to the third base and then wait for sex to actually slide into home. All in all, though, if you want to hit a grand slam, I recommend exploring the above sex toys. You will discover that not only are your orgasms more intense, but your entire sexual experience will be more dynamic and exciting – what woman wouldn’t want that?

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