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Want something that can give you an ecstatic orgasm? Well, I’ve found some of the best male masturbators that can get you to this place of sexual satisfaction.

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The Ultimate Male Masturbator

You couldn’t really say that there isn’t one ultimate male masturbator that I love the most. There are actually many male masturbators that I have tried on a number of occasions. When it comes down to it, regular masturbation can start get really boring after a while. There are only so many times that you can use your hand. After a while, you want something more… something more dynamic and erotic. Something that can give you an orgasm that is similar to an orgasm you’ll get from sex or oral sex. Well, what I have found is that some of the best male masturbators can get you to this place of sexual satisfaction.

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Here are some of my favorite male masturbators…

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

One of my all time favorite male masturbators also happens to be one of the most popular male masturbators: the Head Honcho Masturbator. This male masturbator has all the right ingredients for the perfect jerking companion. For one, you have the amazing jelly-like material, which is stretchy and feels just like skin. This male masturbator also has little suction areas that line the inside, which can make you feel like you are getting the best blowjob of your entire life every time you use it. Yep, this male masturbator is great and one of the best – hands down.

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Sasha Grey Pocket Stroker

Sasha Grey Pocket Stroker

Another one of the best male masturbators is actually a pocket pussy. I love pocket pussies for the main reason that they look and feel realistic. The Sasha Grey Pocket Stroker is amazing because not only does this pocket pussy, or male masturbator, feel like the real thing – it also looks like the real thing. In fact, this pussy was modeled from a cast taken from the porn star herself – just for this sex toy – so you really are pounding Sasha Grey every time. Plus, it is made out of a material called UR3, which was created to feel just like real skin. Whenever I slip inside this masturbator, it literally feels a real pussy.

Peek-A-Boo-Lips Stroker, Male Masturbators, Male Masturbators Review

Peek-A-Boo-Lips Stroker

Next, if you are looking for another one of the best male masturbators, look no further than the Peek-A-Boo-Lips Stroker. This pocket pussy is for all the guys out there that like those girls who are hiding something special underneath their lips. Just spread the lips on this male masturbator and you’ll find a secret hole to insert your cock in. This male masturbator is made out of Fanta Flesh, which is another type of silicone that is intended to feel just like the real thing. When you close your eyes and use this amazing pocket stimulator, you really won’t know the difference.

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UR3 Palm Pal, Male Masturbators, Male Masturbators Review

UR3 Palm Pal

And if you are looking for an affordable pocket pussy or male masturbator that will surely give you a good time, you may want to try the UR3 Palm Pal. This great palm pal will definitely help you out when you want to get laid, but are too lazy to leave the house and get some. I know it’s helped me on a number of occasions. I like to use this male masturbator with some lube and a hot DVD. Not only is this pocket pussy made with realistic silicone – it also has five inches of insertable reach, so you can really get off.

Sensuous Travel Stroker, Male Masturbators, Male Masturbators Review

Sensuous Travel Stroker

If you are always on the go and you are looking for a travel male masturbator, you may want to try out the Sensuous Travel Stroker. This is one of the best male masturbators for traveling because it is small enough to fit in a bag and it can fold very easily. If you are alone in a hotel room or on a business trip, you can whip this male masturbator out to clear the pipes before the big meeting. This male masturbator also has an amazing ribbed and textured interior, so it really feels like a pussy.

Lastly, the ultimate male masturbator is relatively easy to find. When it comes to looking for male masturbators, you want to pay attention to the material. Is it a common jelly material or is it made out of a material that has been designed to feel like real skin? In order to get your money’s worth, you want to use a male masturbator that makes it feel like you are getting a real blow job or banging a real chick. When it comes down to it, I have the found that a male masturbator is one of the best and easiest ways to get off.

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  1. Helena Gilbert August 9, 2014

    My husband doesn’t really need one of these since I am usually willing any time of the day or night but if there ever came a time where we needed to be apart for any reason… I will definitely get him one from this list!

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe August 28, 2014

      I am sure Helena he will enjoy it! 🙂

    • Archie Weinstine September 20, 2014

      no disrespect Helena, but when I was married I wanted it more than I thought I would and she was the same as you, always willing. I was always finding myself masturbating! my wife caught me doing myself and was turned on and surprised that I wanted more sex. be a great wife and buy him one! then watch him like my wife did. we actually had self pleasure nights where we would watch each other get ourselves off! we would face each other and gaze into each others eyes. that was a lot of fun! I also found masturbating was more about me unlike when we had sex, I always wanted to please her first and sometimes missed my orgasm. don’t forget to get yourself something fun too!

      • Phil Doe
        Phil Doe September 25, 2014

        That’s a great experience Archie! My partner and I masturbate and do some foreplay before having sexual intercourse, these bring us into a great orgasm! and sometimes we used some sex toys and used it as a threesome. Maybe you and your partner can try it also 😉

  2. David G August 15, 2014

    I’ve heard of the Head Honcho Masturbator from one of my closer friends, who actually had the guts to recommend it to me, after his experience with the product. I am a complete virgin to sex toys, masturbators and other pleasure products, so I’m eagerly waiting to have my first experience with ‘the most-popular masturbator.’ Whilst I am optimistic, I also appreciate that these toys cannot perform miracles, so I am wondering whether it is going to be something that I’ll enjoy. Either way, thanks for the great recommendations.

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe August 28, 2014

      I am sure that you will love it David! I have tried this and it is great!

  3. Andy Barnshaw September 16, 2014

    Peek-A-Boo Lips Stroker is the best male masturbator I ever used! It makes me cum faster than I ever did by masturbating. At first I found it pretty hard to use because it’s a lot heavier than I expected but once you get the hang of it, this will be your go to toy. My girlfriend likes to play with it before sex as it makes me hard super fast and I moan like crazy!!!

    I also tried the Super Head Honcho Masturbator but it didn’t rank as high as the peek-a-boo, mostly because it’s not as versatile. If you want something cheaper, go for the honcho, it’s definitely a nice feel.

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe September 17, 2014

      Thanks for your additional comment/review man! This will help readers know more

  4. Cameron E October 9, 2014

    same feelings as a real one !!!!! its fantastic UR3 Palm Pal you will love it, good quality spetial texture exactly as a real

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe October 10, 2014

      Yes it is Cameron! 🙂

  5. Norman J October 23, 2014

    This is my first time using something like this Head Honcho Masturbator and wow. Why didn’t I invest in one before. Best thing next to the real thing.

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe November 13, 2014

      Yeah Norman, it really feels like real! and we can’t deny that these toys are awesome!

  6. Ron November 8, 2014

    Does not take long with this super head honcho. Expands and stretches to fit about any size member. Feels just like the real thing!

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe November 13, 2014

      Yes ron!

  7. Jonathan November 15, 2014

    The Super Head Honcho is a great product! Whether used alone for masturbation or with a partner during mutual gratification, it is great. My wife enjoyed the fact that she could see my penis through the jelly exterior 🙂

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe November 21, 2014

      Hahaha… looks like you both had fun Jonathan 🙂

  8. James Penny December 5, 2014

    not trying to brag but it stretches easily but I’m enjoyed much on this travel stroker.

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe December 10, 2014

      Great to hear that you enjoyed it James.

  9. Jcarerra February 7, 2015

    That super head honcho is amazing! works like a charm and worth every penny! After a couple uses i gave myself a headache! that’s a good thing! 😉

  10. Eugenie June 17, 2015

    Wow, i have to be honest i didn’t know these bad boys exist, glad i found your site, i think someone is really going to love his birthday present this year, i just hope he don’t like it too much hey, i am still here… do you ship to UK?

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