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Trying to find the best rabbit vibrator that will suit your sexual fantasies? Check at – the best place to find the best rabbit vibrators!

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Orgasmbility 5
Affordability 5
Portability 5
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Quest To Find The Top Rated Rabbit Vibrators

Are you looking for the best rabbit vibrator? Rabbit vibrators have become the standard when it comes to female masturbation. I know I love rabbit vibrators because when I want to get off, I not only want to stimulate my clit, but also my g-spot as well. Some of the top rated rabbit vibrators are so good that they stimulate your entire erogenous zone, which is amazing. When looking for the best rabbit vibrators, it really is a quest.

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Here is how to start your quest for the top rated rabbit vibrators – based on my own personal experience.

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Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

First, you want to learn how a rabbit vibrator works and you want to learn how to use a rabbit vibrator. If you aren’t familiar, rabbit vibrators are like a traditional vibrator, but instead of the simple phallic shaft, you have something a little more unique – you have the head of the vibrator, which often rotates and you have the rabbit arm, which has two little rabbit ears at the tip. The shaft of the vibrator is intended for g-spot use and the rabbit ears are intended for clitoral stimulation.

In most cases, a rabbit vibrator, like the Rotating Rabbit Vibrator, will come with a remote built on to the actual vibrator. The remote is generally easy to understand and it will allow you to customize your masturbatory experience. Typically, each switch on the remote has a different function. One button may control the rotating head of the vibrator and another button may control the vibration pulses or the vibration power. You can start off with a low vibrating pulse and then work your way up as you are ready to climax. Having that kind of control can make the climax so much more intense.

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Rabbit Vibrator, Rabbit Vibrators, The Rabbit vibrator, Best Rabbit Vibrator, Best Rabbit Vibrators

Wild G-Spot Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator, Rabbit Vibrators, The Rabbit vibrator, Best Rabbit Vibrator, Best Rabbit Vibrators

Wet Wabbit Vibrator

When it comes down to it, some rabbit vibrators do more. One of the best rabbit vibrator experiences is offered by the Wild G-Spot Vibrator, which is one of the most popular rabbit vibrators on the market. Plus, it is intended for the g-spot. Other rabbit vibrators, like the Wet Rabbit Vibrator, are intended for a more general erotic experience. Speaking of the Wet Rabbit – it is by far one of the best selling wet rabbit vibrators, so if you are looking for a little more bang, my recommendation is to go with the Wet Rabbit; it won’t let you down.

In the end, learning how to use a rabbit vibrator is easy – it will almost be like second nature. In your quest for the top rated rabbit vibrators, you will find that each will have its own unique personality and you may find one that you like better than all the rest. However, I really advise trying a few different rabbit vibrators to get the full experience. As you go through all the different brands and styles, you will also start to get a feel for the different vibration sensations. In no time, you’ll be a rabbit vibrator pro.

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  1. Tiffany Aytes March 12, 2015

    I purchased this for myself. I’ve got to say I’m very pleased. It is quality product that works well for me! The material is nice and no sharp edges like some I have bought. Vibrations are nice. Pretty powerful. Great size too not to big and not to small just right!

  2. Kitty Ram March 20, 2015

    You’re an idiot if you don’t buy this. I lasted maybe 30 seconds. Better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had- hello new best friend

  3. Serena Fox May 8, 2015

    Good addition to married life!

  4. Jeni Por May 19, 2015

    This is an awesome product. The rotating beads and vibrating rabbit are great. My only complaint, if you could call it that, is that it is very big and intimidating, lol. Other than that its a great product that delivers exactly what you want and is worth the price.

  5. Kianna Deb May 27, 2015

    Kinda regret not buying this first. Vibration has some real kick to it. Tried it out when I got home. Almost didn’t want to pull it out if i didn’t have to finish running errands. And it’s also my first.

  6. G Mallory June 4, 2015

    The design and function is what really piqued my curiosity. So I bought it for the sake of giving it a go. Its a bit awkward at first but I can say that its performance is just great.

  7. Margaret Blanford June 22, 2015

    I love this thing although it does not thrust as advertised, it rotates in many directions and has so many combinations I still have not tried them all. I do recommend that you remove the battery pack between uses.

  8. Jessica Moyer July 14, 2015

    I enjoyed it. I love the different speeds and rotation. Though it didnt come to me exactly as pictures show but it was fine, close enough. I definitely got what i wanted out of it and recommend it.

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