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Check out Curious Christina as she reviews Adam & Eve’s My First Jack Rabbit. Learn how to get the best clitoral and vaginal stimulation in this post

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Curious Christina in My First Jack Rabbit Review

Hi Everyone!

This is Curious Christina and today we’re gonna be doing a product review on My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator. This is a wonderful product that is sold by Adam & Eve. If you go to and if you stay tuned in the video below, I will give you some discounts at the end of the video, an offer code where you can get some free stuff.

My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator is a double dual stimulator, it has clitoris stimulator and a vaginal stimulator. This amazing product actually has two speeds of independent vibration. It has a wonderful flip ring bunny ears. It’s a waterproof model so you can use it in and out of the water. Very fun and if you are first timer and you’re still learning, you know how to really pleasure yourself and enjoy your own body – this is a good settle product for that.

My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator has this jelly soft head that rotates with these synchronized pearl shaped beads. At the very tip of the shaft, it really does for wonderful vaginal stimulation. It has dual motors and you have two different options. You have the shaft that will rotate and then you have the clitoral stimulation. There are two different speeds, you can increase it and decrease it. If you’re not a fan of clitoral stimulation, you can also simply turn the toy the other way and use anal stimulation.

It needs four (4) AAA batteries and I want to make sure everyone get this as often others only put three (3) batteries on it and they think they had it broken. Again, this product needs four(4) AAA batteries, once you filled the battery tray, you insert it, make sure you put it on very tight and you are good to go in the pool or in the bathtub or in your bed, anywhere you take it.

It’s a fun product for couples to share if you are with your lover as it will also give them stimulation – the rabbit can facilitate with that. Very very soft and very life-like. Very good feeling you can see it stretches and gives room for the nodules to really rotate.

Now, I just want to bring up a very important thing. Always remember to clean your toys before and after you use it.

Well, there you go folks! That’s our product review for My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Don’t forget to go to and use promo code SCORE50. That’s SCORE50 and you’ll get 50% discount on almost every item, FREE Shipping, 3 Hot DVDs and a FREE Mystery Gift.

Come back in this site for more, have nice day and a naughty night.

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  1. Raquel Younger May 20, 2015

    I love this product. I don’t use the rotating option much, but it has three different speeds plus several different pulsing patterns.

  2. Derek Lowe June 3, 2015

    Now this one is amazing. My husband and I were enjoying ourselves tonight and he used this on me and I absolutely LOST IT. It was amazing omg I screamed like haven’t in along time. It made me feel so good lol. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  3. Margaret Blanford June 22, 2015

    I read all the reviews prior to buying this. I figure for the price I would give it a try. Once delivered I give it a try…omg and wow….I squirted something my husband never accomplished and I never thought my body was capable of doing. I will order a backup. ..I definitely recommend this won’t be disappointed.

  4. Dianne Randolph June 24, 2015

    The Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator is a dual action vibrator. One motor for clitoral stimulation and one motor for vaginal stimulation. The classic “rabbit” design. I haven’t tested its claim of being waterproof by taking it in the hot-tub, but don’t worry I will! HAPPY ORGASMS TO ALL LADIES EVERYWHERE!!!!

  5. Patricia Kinman July 10, 2015

    This Vibrator is Realy nice. I need clit stimulation as well as G.The low to high speed was great!It is loud though! I think it should have a longer handle part.

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