Adam & Eve’s Top Sex Toys: Online Adult Superstore Top Selling Sex Toys!

Where do you buy sex toys online? Adam & Eve, of course.This trusted sex shop has been around for decades and they offer top quality sex toys at an unbeatable price.

Adam & Eve is the leading adult superstore with more toys and sex gear than you can count. Not only will you receive something super sexy and guaranteed to make you say “OH!” You’ll receive your sex toy in discreet packaging. Your secret is safe with me. Earlier this year Adam & Eve released their top selling sex toys of 2016.

Which best selling sex toy is right for you? I think a top 5 list of the most popular sex toys should get you off to a pretty wonderful start. Let the countdown begin…

5. Blue Dolphin Vibrator

What’s so special about this slick vibrator? Well, the Blue Dolphin Vibrator is modest in size. This sex toy is not too big and definitely not too small. If you like a g-spot vibrator with some character, this vibe is for you. The beautiful blue color and rippled texture give this vibrator curb appeal. It’s a handsome looking vibrator! The bulbous base is great for you to handle, giving you control over the thrusting of the vibrator. With easily adjustable vibration speeds, you’ll find the setting that is just right for you. Why do they call it the Blue Dolphin? You can take this bad boy in the shower or tub with you! It’s waterproof! And just like the dolphin, it won’t need to come up for air very often! Adam & Eve have sold over 150,000 of this model. That’s what puts it on the top list of best sellers! This vibrator has been pleasing thousands of ladies and gents over the years! Let’s redefine what Flipper already showed us 😉

top selling sex toys, blue dolphin vibrator, dolphin vibrator

Blue Dolphin Vibrator

4. We-Vibe Touch

Ever heard of a bullet vibrator or an egg vibrator? Of course you have, these versatile vibrators are smaller but offer powerful vibrating power. Now, let’s get a vibrating egg on steroids! The We-Vibe Touch is a masterfully designed vibrator. It offers pinpoint accuracy in terms of where you deliver those sizzling vibrations! Simply touch the We-Vibe and aim it at your clit for some mind-blowing fun. This sex toy’s shape has a generous curve at its end and it literally hugs your clit. With its unassuming design, this vibrator is discreet. Its unconventional shape makes it look like an innocent personal massager. But, oh baby, it is so much more. The motor is not only a powerhouse of pleasure, but runs very quietly. No one will know you’re using it! Except you, of course. This clitoral stimulation wonder makes my world go round. You better order it now while it’s still in stock. Adam & Eve sells out of this little gem on the regular; but by purchasing this using our Adam & Eve Offer Code SCORE50, you’ll get Free Discreet Shipping and more!

we-vibe, we-vibe touch, top sex toy

We-Vibe Touch

3. Adam & Eve’s Naughty Rabbit

AH! The Adam & Eve’s Naughty Rabbit is so dreamy! If you’ve never tried a rabbit vibrator, you’re missing out! You need to get yourself hooked up with one immediately. Ladies, the rabbit vibrator is custom made just for your pleasure. There’s a reason it is one of the world’s best selling sex toys! Two words: Dual Stimulation. The rotating tip, with spinning beads will make your night! You’ll get excellent g-spot stimulation and tickling with the main wand. It’s contoured and ridged tip is a gift from god. The rabbit part of the vibrator has two ‘ears’ that buzz your clit into oblivion. This is just an all around amazing sex toy. Female vibrators are in abundance, but the Rabbit Vibrator is the queen of them all! And, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. This toy is really inexpensive! A great deal for a magical night.

Adam & Eve's Naughty Rabbit, naughty rabbit, best selling sex toys

Adam & Eve’s Naughty Rabbit

2. Fleshlight Go: Surge

A bunch of toys in this article have been focused on vibrators for women. Those are GREAT! But, how about a little something for the dudes? The Fleshlight Go: Surge is a revolutionary way for guys to masturbate. With its wonderful texture and strong suction, this male sex toy will make you rethink ever using your hand again. With beautifully designed pussy lip, this sex toy welcomes you to take the plunge. Just add lube and you’re on your way to an intense orgasm. As far as strokers and masturbators go, this fleshlight is the cream of the crop. Excuse my pun there. Guys, you won’t be able to put this sex toy down. Men, do yourself a favor and upgrade to this amazing masturbator today. Dreams do come true. Feel the surge man! This amazing masturbator is sold at regular price; however, when you use our Adam & Eve coupon code SCORE50, you’ll get Free Discreet Shipping plus more!

Fleshlight Go Surge, fleshlight, top sex toys

Fleshlight Go Surge

1. Under The Bed Restraint System

Feeling a bit kinky? Want to try out some light bondage? Tie your partner up with the Under The Bed Restraint System. Most of these toys I’ve listed are for solo play or masturbation. This toy you’ll want to use with a buddy. This strappy contraption, lets you strap down your lover. You can tease him or her with some tickling or even a little foreplay. Experiment with your partner with this inexpensive sex toy and great bondage for beginners system. Some folks are put off by the idea of bondage, but once they actually give it a shot, they love it. It feels great to resign yourself. Everyone needs to lose control every now and again. There’s a reason the exec in 50 Shades of Grey enjoyed dominance. Sex therapists agree that bondage and restraint play is healthy for couples as it builds trust and adds a bit extra into your bedroom routine. Need a good “safe word”? Mine is “jellybean.” Get your kink on with this awesome bondage system!

Under The Bed Restraint System, restraint system, best sex toys

Under The Bed Restraint System

Ta-da! The best selling sex toys online! There you have it.

Adam & Eve is an amazing place for you snag a spectacular sex toy for a great price. You’ll want to try at least one of the sex toys from my list and see what makes it a bestseller for yourself. I mean, you should take my word for it. But, these adult toys really do speak for themselves. They’ll make you orgasm and play in a whole new way. Explore your sexuality and the limits of your love with these amazing sex toys today! Adam & Eve’s got it going on!

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