The Amazing Wonders Of Remote Controlled Vibrators

Hi folks, it’s time to get buzzed! Remote Controlled Vibrators are amazing products that really put the vroom in your bedroom! You can crank them up or slow them down with the push of a button, what’s better than that?

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and their remote controls are just as varied. One thing remains constant, remote controllers make it easier for you to get off. One of the most popular types of vibrators is the bullet vibrator, like the Remote Control Large Power Bullet. This guy is an excellent remote controlled toy that packs powerful vibrating capabilities in a small, yet easy to use device. The remote is wireless, so you don’t have to worry about any cords getting in the way. It also has a key ring hook so you can take this little baby on the go. There are several vibration speeds that can be adjusted from the remote. It is perfect for clitoral stimulation and works on the inside as well to hit your g spot. Pretty and pink, this remote control vibrator will vibe you to ecstasy.

remote controlled vibrator

Remote Control Large Power Bullet

But, remote controlled vibrations aren’t just limited to toys. You can still play, but in a vibrating thong! Gents, this one’s for you!

Vibrating Wireless Thong For Him. Want to feel like a sex god all day long? Wear this lycra thong underneath your work attire and vibe yourself incognito. There is an adjustable vibrator that fits in a pocket that can vibrate on your backdoor or tickle your package up front. The vibrations are quiet, so it’ll stay your little secret. The remote controls the vibrator from a distance so while you’re doing your household tasks, give the remote to your partner and let him/her control the vibes. That sounds fun, right? This is a really unique and sexy accessory that will be a blast to play with.

Vibrating Wireless Thong For Him, remote controlled vibe

Vibrating Wireless Thong For Him

Want a more substantial remote controlled vibrator than the bullet?

You’ve heard of the rabbit vibrator called Waterproof Rabbit Pearl Vibrator . If you haven’t, you’re missing out. It is designed to stimulate both your clit and your g-spot. The larger part of the toy vibrates inside you and the rabbit tickles your clit. The remote control lets you change the speed with three buttons. The remote is designed to be gripped and it won’t slip out of your hand if your vibrator makes you lose control. Did I mention this gem is water proof? Yeah, take it into the bath and crank it up. You won’t be sorry. The remote control is attached to a pretty lengthy cord so you’ll never feel like it’s in the way. Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations!

Waterproof Rabbit Pearl Vibrator, remote vibrator

Waterproof Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

Men, I’ve got another excellent remote controlled toy for you to check out..

The Remote Control Wireless Penis Ring. Say what!? Yes, this cock ring lets you go longer and stronger all while sending exquisite vibrations into your penis and balls. Remote vibrating is not just for the ladies; men you can benefit from some of the buzzy features. If you like your perineum tickled, turn the raised portion around and let the friction of the vibrator give you some stimulation. If you’re with a partner, you can flip the ring over and let that same area stimulate her clit or his anus. This is so much fun! This remote controlled vibrator is wireless. You can hand the remote off and let your partner pick the vibration speeds. There’s a lot of room for creativity with this toy. You’re welcome.

Remote Control Wireless Penis Ring, remote vibe

Remote Control Wireless Penis Ring

Alright ladies, this one is strictly for you (well, I could think of some ways… let me stay on topic here)…

The butterfly vibrator is an extremely popular tool that stimulates your clit. What happens when you attach a remote, straps and a shaft? The sexy trinity of your dreams! Meet the Monarch Remote Control Strap-On Vibe. Put this baby in and strap him on securely. The remote allows you to control your climax and with ten functions and vibration settings, you’ll definitely find something to love. This vibrator is so cute and the straps allow you to be hands off. Just tell the remote what you want and this vibrator does all the work for you. It vibes on your clit and the shaft will surely titillate your g spot. Give your partner the remote and brace yourself for some vibrating action!

Monarch Remote Control Strap-On Vibe, remote control vibe

Monarch Remote Control Strap-On Vibe

The future is now! Ever heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that”? Well, it couldn’t be more true.

Do away with the old school remote and opt for an app on your smartphone that controls the vibrator! Yes, there’s an app for your sex toy. We-Vibe Nova. The we-vibe nova is an ingenious vibrator that takes advantage of your smartphone to deliver remote controlled vibrations to your mast beloved bits. There are two tips with multiple motors so you and a partner can enjoy either end. The toy is rechargeable and lasts for hours on a single charge. Get ready for multiple points of stimulation from this handsome toy. I think it is better than a rabbit vibe for hitting all of your spots. You have both external and internal stimulation and the app is so easy to use, you’ll never want to put it down. The toy is waterproof so you can use it in the shower. This remote controlled vibrator is also awesome to use with a partner. Couple will get a lot of use out of this fantastic sex toy!

We-Vibe Nova, remote vibe

We-Vibe Nova

There you have it! Your introduction to remote controlled vibrators!

Vibrators are excellent sex toys, but with the added convenience and abilities of a remote control, it takes the experience to a new level. Vibrators are fun for both men and women and would be a brilliant addition to your sex toy chest. You can use a vibrator solo or with a partner and you’ll both get a lot out cranking that remote all the way up. It’s a fun way to put a little pizzazz on your pussy or penis. So grab the remote control and talk a walk on the wild side my friends!

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