Searching For Male Sex Toys: How to Look For The Best Male Vibrators Online

This one’s for the men! Welcome to the wonderful world of male sex toys! In particular, the best male vibrators money can buy.

Now, you may be new to this or a seasoned pro. Either way, I want to discuss some of the benefits of shopping for your vibrator online. We’ve all been there, at an adult store looking over porn and toys. You may be into it, but many people prefer the anonymity of getting their vibrators online. Shopping online is an excellent way to take your time and research the best male sex toys. The main thing I urge you to look for is that the vibrator is easy to clean and maintain. That being said, there are a plethora of male vibrators to choose from. I’m here to share my methods for pairing you with your new best friend (aka the best vibrator on Earth).

First things first, know what type of male vibrator is appropriate for your experience level.

Are you an anal aficionado or are you a curious rookie? Male vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. You can focus on hitting your prostate internally or externally. Many vibrators can serve both purposes depending on where you put it (you can rub a vibrator all over yourself!). A classic male vibrator that is not too large and good for beginners is the Waterproof Prostate Massager. Not only does it look freaking awesome (I love the look), it is modest in length and slender in girth. The vibrating bulb at the tip will surely please your p-spot. There are variety of vibrator settings that you can adjust depending on how sensitive you are. It is really easy. You just simply twist the base. Further, this baby is waterproof. Take it in the shower and have a blast. This male vibrator is designed specifically for anal pleasure and would make a great addition to your toy collection.

If this is not your first rodeo, you might want a more substantial male vibrator. The online vibrator selection is vast and varied. If you prefer a more life-like vibrator, there are a great many that look and feel like a genuine penis. Ever wonder what it is like to sleep with a legend? Let me introduce you to the 8″ All American Whopper With Bullet. This is a male vibrator is an American treasure. It has made a lot of people squirt. This vibrator genuinely feels like real skin and measuring eight inches in length and nearly five inches in girth, this guy is sure to make an impact. Unlike the smooth sensation of the last massager, this takes the form of a classic dildo, but spices it up with its vibrating capabilities. There’s more, in addition to the vibrating dong, there’s a smaller ‘bullet’ vibrator you can attach to it! Yeah! It is a small male vibrator you can pop inside yourself and see what happens… Or you can rub it against the base of your balls. Personally, I enjoy my male vibrator to have some character and this indeed with a cut head and veiny shaft embodies just that.

Okay, so you’ve had some fun with these two male vibrators. Over the past several years male vibrators have mimicked the trends of popular design. A whole new world of smartly shaped and targeted designs have emerged. What’s next? Say hello to the ribbed for your pleasure called Vibrating Anal Power Beads. This is one of the most unique male vibrators available. The design ingeniously mixes anal beads with the classic phallic shape of a dildo. Woah, buddy! Get ready for a wild ride. This guy has a strong vibrator motor in the top ball that will be sure to give your p-spot a buzz. Treat your hole to a workout and stimulate yourself in a whole new way.

Another male vibrator that really capitalizes on design and I consider in the same camp is the A&E 3 Point Prostate Massager. Say hello to my little friend! This will take things to a whole new anal level. The shape is three-pronged which is great for a couple of reasons. The first is it smartly allows you to grip the two shorter prongs and use them like you would a handle. Or, you can press from the base and allow the shorter prong to target your perineum and let the other tickle your sack. Ooh la la! The long part is ideal for massaging your prostate. It curves up slightly and will be sure to give you a targeted sensation. In addition to having different speed and vibration setting, it is smooth and just soft enough to the touch. This male vibrator would also be ideal for a beginner. I recommend you warming yourself up with some gentle vibrations against your hole. This will help you relax and make it easier for insertion. Oh! I almost forgot this baby lasts for a long time and is USB rechargeable. Who’s not sleeping a wink tonight? This guy!

Finally, my favorite butt plug vibrates and inflates! There, I said it. If you enjoy using standard butt plugs, good for you! You’re a champ dude! There is a way to take that butt plug play further. Meet the A&E Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug. YASSSS! This butt plug is a nice size to start and with a hand pump you can inflate it to a larger size. How unique! Once you pop it in, you’ll never want to take it out. Lower yourself onto this vibrator and work your hips as it buzzes you into oblivion. Unlike some the other male vibrators I’ve mentioned, this is an organic and totally changeable shape. If you’ve had trouble finding or hitting your p-spot. This will absolutely do the trick. And, with different vibrating speeds this male vibrator will sing to the tune you choose. Pump, pump, pump it up! It’s unbelievably fun. You can take it anywhere as it is waterproof. Get wet and wild my friend. The male vibrator and butt plug is seriously one of the coolest things on the market, and I highly recommend it.

Yay! I hope I’ve given you some good advice on choosing your next male vibrator.

Whether it is for you or for a friend, all of these vibrators are specifically designed to give you maximum anal pleasure. You can go old school or try one of the newer designs. Buy a couple of vibrators online and compare and contrast your experiences with each. There are endless choices and I urge you to never give up on your anal adventures. I promise male vibrators will give you harder, stronger, and more powerful orgasms.

There is a best way to buy your favorite male sex toys today!

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Happy hunting and happy buzzing!

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