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How many fingers have you got? I am willing to bet that there are more versions of Rabbit Vibrators than your fingers. Let’s have a look how many I have found.

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Different Kinds of Rabbit Vibrators

Choices, choices 

How many fingers have you got? I am willing to bet that there I can describe more versions of Rabbit Vibrators than you have fingers and thumbs. Let’s have a look how many I have found:

  • Hands free ones,
  • Silicone ones,
  • Rubber ones,
  • Latex ones,
  • Bendy ones,
  • Expanding ones,
  • Thrusting ones,
  • Mini ones,
  • Rechargeable ones,
  • Spiral ones,
  • Powerful ones,
  • Metal ones,
  • Jelly ones, 
  • Throbbing ones,
  • Slim ones,
  • Rotating ones,
  • Men’s ones (Cock Ring)

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Bunny Dreams Intimate G

Bunny Dreams Intimate G

Hands Free Rampant Rabbit‘Bunny Dreams Intimate G’

I believe this is one of the best rabbit vibrators because of its hands free nature. I found that you are able to insert the shaft while the rabbit ears tickle your clitoris and leave it there without the worry that it will fall out. While your hands are free, you are able to use them for other purposes, such as satisfying your partner. This makes for a great, sexual experience, don’t you think?

The Hands Free Rampant Rabbit is very quiet and discreet and wraps around your body’s natural curves, offering a totally unique, thrilling and amazing experience while at the same time the fit is satisfying. The point of the shaft is bent in such a way that it targets your G-Spot creating the most amazing orgasms (which is on the front vaginal wall).

I found that most of the Rabbit vibrators have 7 functions which can be as gentle or as strong a vibration as you feel comfortable with. For first timers, it might be advisable to begin on the lowest vibration level first until you get used to the feel of any of the Rabbit vibrators. We believe that this is one of the Best Rabbit vibrators for women and couples who like to multi-task.

The Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator‘Embrace Rechargeable Bunny Wand’

Embrace Rechargeable Bunny Wand

Embrace Rechargeable Bunny Wand

Do you want a sexual explosion in your bedroom? Then this is the Best Rabbit vibrator for that purpose. You can insert this vibrator up to 6 inches, it is smooth, powerful, (up to 30% more powerful than other similar vibrators), and it comes in a proper girly pink which I thought was a great, bright, vibrant color.

I can assure you that you will enjoy the rabbit ears tickling your clitoris while at the same time the 6 inch long shaft will target your G-spot and cause you to orgasm on more than one occasion and climax leaving you feeling totally satisfied and thrilled with your new pet.

I enjoyed the fact that there is no battery compartment and no running out of batteries when you are in the middle of that all-important orgasm. Once you have been thrilled, tickled, loved and enjoyed blended orgasms, all you need to do is clean your Rabbit vibrator and place it in the flat bed charger ready and waiting for the next time you and your partner want to enjoy some serious sexual erotica.

Initially you will need to charge your Lithium battery operated vibrator for 12 hours, but once you have done this, then it will only take between one and two hours depending on how many times you use it between charging.

The Throbbing Rampant Rabbit‘Extreme Wabbit’

Extreme Wabbit Vibrator Review

Extreme Wabbit

The Throbbing Rampant Rabbit is a sensation sex toy for you to thoroughly enjoy either on your own or as part of a couple. Your partner could use this vibrator on you as part of your foreplay before you embark on an amazing night of passion and raw sex. This vibrator will mean that he can please you, thrill you, love you and make you orgasm. I felt and you will both feel totally satisfied and enjoy your time together.

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This Rabbit vibrator is the same as many of the others with 7 vibration settings for the clitoris tickling ears and 3 powerful setting for the 15 inch shaft. Your quality assured Rabbit vibrator is waterproof, smooth and features an angled point. This means that you will enjoy G-spot stimulation. This is really where the fun starts and the fire in your belly is lit.

I would suggest that when you are new to the Rabbit vibrator it is best to experiment with different settings on the Rabbit ears and the main shaft until you find a combination and a power level that suits you and your needs for complete and utter enjoyment and fulfillment.

Everything is controlled by the buttons at the base of the shaft so it means that until you are used to using your Rampant Rabbit vibrator, maybe you should play with the buttons and functions so that you know where each button is for each function. This means you will be able to use this product without having to remove it, change setting, add more lubricant and re-insert it. You will have a better all-round experience if you know where all the functions are.

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Enjoy playing with your new toys!

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  1. Sarah Evanston August 14, 2014

    I didn’t realize that the venerable Rabbit had so many different variations! There’s one for every day of the week with extra for the weekend! The Extreme Wabbit is shaping up to be the next one I buy!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 19, 2014

      haha yes! you can have 1 vibrator made each day. you just have to use your imagination 😉

  2. Paula August 15, 2014

    Wow! who would have thought that there would be so many different kinds of rabbit vibrators! I am particularly intrigued by the ‘hands-free’ vibrator, which you’ve recommended, as this allows you to be doing ‘other’ things with your hands, whilst the vibrator does the work for you. I’m not a lazy person at heart, but to have the toy do all the work sounds appealing. Thanks for the recommendations.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 19, 2014

      You are welcome Paula.

  3. Linda J. Mason August 31, 2014

    I’ve had trouble reaching orgasm my entire life – ten minutes with this baby and I’m screaming like a madwoman and coming for the very first time! The placement of the wabbit is a little awkward and needs to be adjusted a little bit, but otherwise this is a spectacular toy that’s very affordable.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 3, 2014

      Sounds good! seems that you had a very good time with the Extreme Wabbit.

  4. Diana C September 15, 2014

    This is a great ride! I am not high on the extension of this (that is just a preference though, it’s great for what it does I just prefer to leave that for someone else) but the bunny ears will tickle you and make you happy 🙂 just have to position it and away you go! Guaranteed happiness every time.

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe September 17, 2014

      Now, the rabbit lover’s are growing! 😉

      • Taylor Mayden
        Taylor Mayden September 17, 2014

        hahahaha we are!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 17, 2014

      Yes! It’s a really great ride!

  5. Angela Renda October 24, 2014

    Love this Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator. gets me off in no time! I would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing orgasm in and out of the shower.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 21, 2014

      I love it too Angela 🙂

  6. L Ambert November 14, 2014

    Hellooo, oh, oh, ooooh! Enough said. Very soft and very quiet. Does what it was purchased to do — every time.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 21, 2014

      I feel you L Ambert 🙂

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