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On this experimental stage, I was brought into a dimension of pleasure I never knew existed.. These have been the best sex toys for women ever..

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3 Best Sex Toys For Women

After my divorce, I decided that I would not need another relationship with any other person until I get myself together. After much organization finding my new home to be pleasantly decorated and that my job was satisfying; I started to feel the loneliness. I began watching late night shows which featured X-Rated movies. My needs began to overpower me even during the day and everywhere I went.

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Flexi Prick Vibrator

Flexi Prick Vibrator

One day, I was walking to a restaurant in our downtown area; I saw a sex shop which boasted to carry only the best sex toys for women. Checking my watch, I knew I couldn’t shop that evening, but took down the address. I was meeting a cousin of mine who was concerned for my health or maybe for my life. Therefore, we met and discussed my life.

The next day, I returned to the sex shop. I walked in and a woman was behind the counter. At that moment, I wasn’t sure if I was shy or just curious at the sex toys for women displayed for customers to see and purchase.

The shop had different aisles from explorer to thriller. I started with the explorer aisle where I found a few toys. I came across a vibrator in the shape of a penis called the Flexi Prick Vibrator. It has a curve, but it is very slight. When holding it, I found it to be easy to manipulate. I read the instructions indicating that the vibrator could be used also as a butt vibrator, so I decided to buy it.

Body & Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet

Body & Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet

Then I found another one in the aisle of thriller. This one was called the Body & Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet. At that, I am and need to see for myself what its particular features offered that the others didn’t. The woman behind the counter came to see me. She told that I could try a sample if I wanted to feel the effects. I hesitated at first, then she told me that she would just hold it against my hip for size. When she did, I felt the vibration going straight down. Of course, I bought it.

As I walked to the counter, I saw the “quickie shelf” with an odd-shaped vibrator. The woman followed my gaze and smiled, telling me that it was their latest toy that could be the best sex toy for women. When I looked at the Magic Wand Massager – there was a plug-in device. What? This is different.

I bought all three sex toys. When I arrived home; I washed my toys were needed and followed manufacturers’ instructions. I placed in the batteries (very important) and I took a long bath then used my Body & Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet, a sexy dual vibrator set. It has the perfect shape for intense clitoral massage. It has also this vibrator’s tip-focused motor sends you over the edge with 2 powerful speeds. I really liked the design finding it slick and very sexy picturing myself traveling with this toy made the whole episode much more adventurous.

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Magic Wand Massager

Magic Wand Massager

I was happy that it fit very snugly into the palm of my hand. I slipped the whole device between my labia. Yes, I submerged the device straight to the spot which immediately started to send powerful vibes over the entire area of my clitoris. On this experimental stage, I was brought into a dimension of pleasure I never knew existed. This has been the best sex toy for women ever, I figured at this point.

The next day, I tried the Magic Wand Massager on my bed. I was fully naked and aroused just at the thought of this new experience. To complete the ambiance, I lit perfumed candles and put on some calm music. After reading the features of the Magic Wand; I knew it was going to be an experience. I positioned the vibrator on my clitoris (not meant for internal use) and adjusted the speed as I needed it. This time, I had over three climaxes within twenty minutes. The fourth one took a little while, but when it happened, it really worn me out.

A few nights later, I needed and desired full penetration. I tried the Flexi Prick Vibrator with the slight curve and with two amazing speeds. I placed on the batteries and inserted vibrator a low speed wanting to take it nice and easy. It gave me the sensation I was seeking – long solo sex without any interruption. I achieved a terrific long orgasm and fell asleep soundly. I awoke bright and early and decided to go for another round. This time, the speed has gone from low to high making me scream as I climaxed.

So far, these 3 sex toys are the best I have ever tried.

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  1. Annie Marie Peters August 7, 2014

    The magic wand massager is one of the best sex toys for women. It’s simple to use and it gets the job done! Personally, I think it’s the best sex toy for women on the market today.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 22, 2014

      Yeah right! 🙂

  2. Yolanda August 12, 2014

    To be quite honest, I may be in a relationship but because of my preferences, there are times when I’ll never get my jig on whilst my partner is there because of what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes the only person I want to please is myself, so the magic wand is great for that.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 22, 2014

      that’s going to be your best test friend. 🙂

  3. Vinoth October 5, 2014

    It is an excellent wand massager and very powerful. used as pain reliever and for my wife it is a different pleasure although.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden October 5, 2014

      Yes it is Vinoth 🙂

  4. Marilyn October 20, 2014

    I am never leaving my apartment again. Ever. This is the only thing I need in my life. I can’t wait for the boyfriend to get home. 🙂

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 13, 2014

      hahaha, you are silly Marilyn

  5. Eric R. Olds October 24, 2014

    This Body & Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet work smart not hard 😉 she is happy so I am happy…. And less exhausted… Lol. For the price it does the job well especially when you use the coupon code SCORE50

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden December 6, 2014

      That’s the best thing I heard today, “She is happy so I am happy”. You are really a Gentleman Eric 🙂

  6. Jacqueline E. Reid November 29, 2014

    Flexi Prick Vibrator has very good vibration, skin feels soft, not to hard. If you don’t like big this is not for you. Enjoying this toy

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden December 6, 2014

      Yeah, You are right Jacqueline.

  7. Janinie January 10, 2015

    love the flexi prick vibrator, it really fun

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden January 27, 2015

      Yes it is Janinie 🙂

  8. Thomas C January 16, 2015

    This device is so effective I have t forcibly take it from her and hide it; when she uses it, it seems as though she is having a seizure

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden January 27, 2015

      Oh.. really? make sure Thomas that she can’t find it 🙂

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