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Check out Phil as he talks about cock rings. The wonderful world of cock rings. Adam & Eve Triple Erection System – three cock rings in one erection system!

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Adam & Eve Triple Erection System Review by Phil Doe

Hi, Phil Doe here!

Today we’re gonna be talking about cock rings. The wonderful world of cock rings!

One cock to rule three rings? Interesting huh. Well, I’m gonna be demoing Adam & Eve Triple Erection System. These system gives you 3 rings with different thickness and tightness. You can use it individually or at the same time. It is awesome to get 3 cock rings to use in an all in one Triple Erection System and I’m gonna tell you a great offer code were you can get the Adam & Eve Triple Erection System for 50% OFF, FREE Shipping, 3 FREE Hot DVDs and a FREE Mystery Gift by entering an offer code.

The cock rings are both for medical and for pleasure, depending on what you need or you may need both. Basically, a cock ring can go either around the base of your testicles and this helps in preventing premature ejaculation by having your testicles pulled away from the base of your penis.

During the intercourse, you’ll be able to tug on your cock and or actually tug on your testicles. It’s gonna hurt, but that should help delay ejaculation and orgasm. Also, instead of using it one at a time, you can use all three to and or with other erection systems; but again, Adam & Eve Triple Erection System really gives you greater versatility.

You can use it again on the base of your cock keeping the blood from leaving your penis. You would want your blood rush in your penis (making it erect) and when you have the cock ring on, it will have difficulty escaping the cock. Again, you can put it on the base, on your testicles or you can do both.

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This is an increase system and using all three cock rings is actually really nice. You have little knobs on the cock ring that can rub up against the base of your penis; when you’re going in deep, your partner’s gonna feel the knobs as well.

Again, if you have any problems using a cock ring or alleviate any erection issues, or if you’re just looking for ways trying to keep your cock hard after orgasm and try to go for another round with your partner, cock rings are amazing.

This is an amazing set – the Adam & Eve Triple Erection System by where you can get three cock rings in different sizes and elasticity. Get this amazing product for 50% OFF, FREE Shipping, 3 FREE Hot DVDs, and a FREE Mystery Gift, by entering in offer code SCORE50 at checkout. That’s offer code SCORE50.

So, what are you waiting for? You have the Adam & Eve Triple Erection System. A not so complicated toy with three cock rings that can help you keep the erection that you have and can even help you maintain an erection when you have erectile dysfunction.

Again, use offer code SCORE50 at checkout at when you buy the Adam & Eve Triple Erection System or any single item to get 50% OFF plus FREE Shipping, 3 FREE Hot Bonus DVDs, and a FREE Mystery Gift.

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  1. Mackey Tim May 19, 2015

    I gave one away, lost one & finally snapped the last one after LOTS of use. Most flexible cock rings you find are just flimsy junk. I’m planning to order another set of these…..They ROCK!!!!

  2. Johny Brave May 31, 2015

    Everything went very well with this purchase

  3. steve June 10, 2015

    I want more reviews from this dudes.. he’s AWESOME!

  4. Margaret Blanford June 22, 2015

    My husband and I really love this product. You can really feel it when your lubed up just right cause if your dry it causes the ring to move and then you have to adjust it again. Also make sure your man is trimmed up otherwise his hairs with pull while taking it off.Great Sextoys.

  5. Dianne Randolph June 24, 2015

    First off, let me state that I am a woman and have no idea how this thing actually feels on a penis. I do know, though, the reactions I got using it on my Husband and He said that its A bit to tight. he have to take it off to finish. its not overly large, but slightly larger than average.We wish they had just a little more stretch. All three are the same size. We love it .

  6. Patricia Kinman July 10, 2015

    i brought this thing for my loving husband and he really love it so much . He said “Works well. Doesn’t break that easy.”

  7. Jessica Moyer July 14, 2015

    My Husband Love it and he said its helps with staying erect for longer periods of time. It’s also clear so you cant really tell its there unless you turn on the lights really bright. I seems to enjoy it too.

  8. Britcher Rob July 24, 2015

    Well while the lasted worked great. Two of them have broken. Might be a personal issue ;).

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