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Bigger, harder, better in bed- isn’t that the dream for all guys? When it comes to looking for the best sex toys for men, you want to keep these things in mind.

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What Are The Best Sex Toys For Men?

Bigger, harder, better in bed – isn’t that the dream for all guys? – To be able to take a woman into your bed – or her bed – and give her a sexual experience that she will be comparing other guys to for the rest of her sex life? I know that’s my dream. When it comes to looking for the best sex toys for men, you want to keep these things in mind. It is true that guys get a lot of flack for not lasting long enough or not being able to get it up, which is precisely the reason why sex toys for men are so important. Of course, though, the best sex toys for men can also be used for personal pleasure as well. So, that begs the question: what are the best sex toys for men?

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First up, I want to talk about lasting longer in bed. A lot of guys have a hard time holding on – they climax far sooner than their partner, which is always a little embarrassing and frustrating. These situations can create quite an acrimonious atmosphere – a woman doesn’t like to be left hanging, if you know what I mean. You could go down on her for an hour until she fakes an orgasm, or you take a much simpler route: invest in a cock ring. A cock ring is by far the best sex toy for men that want to last longer in bed. When it comes to sex toys for men, a cock ring works by slightly constricting the blood stream into the penis, which sends a message to the brain not to climax too soon.

Adam & Eve Couples Enhancer Ring, Sex Toys for Couples, Sex Toys for Couples Review

Adam & Eve Couple’s Enhancer Ring

Out of all the cock rings, there are a few that really should get an award for design, innovation, and the ability to create explosive orgasm – for both partners, at hopefully the same time. For instance, I love the Adam and Eve Couple Enhancer Ring is perfect cock ring for first time users. This amazing erotic gadget works in a number of different ways. For one, this cock ring has a double silicone rings – you can either wrap it around your cock once or you can wrap the second ring around your balls for even more tantalizing pleasure. This double ring action can amp up the effectiveness of the cock ring experience. Not only that, but this cock ring comes with a little vibrating bullet, which will get her off at the same time – double win.

Another one of the greatest sex toys for men is a penis pump. Penis pumps are a great sex toy for men because they have the unique power to increase your girth and make you stay harder. This is perfect for those guys that are going on a third or fourth date and really want to impress… if you know what I mean. Penis pumps work their magic by literally pumping and increasing blood circulation in your penis – not by force, but by the power of suction. All you have to do is put your cock inside the penis pump and squeeze the pump handle. A little vacuum chamber will create an air seal – it is the pressure from the seal that encourages growth and maintains your erection.

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A&E Beginner Power Pump, Best Sex Toys, Best Sex Toys Review, Power Pump, Penis Pump

Adam and Eve Beginner’s Power Pump

If you are just starting out in the world of penis pumps – it’s okay to be a penis pump amateur – you want to start things slow, which is why I recommend the Adam and Eve Beginner’s Power Pump. This is perhaps the best sex toy in the penis pump category because it is so simple to use and it will allow you to build up your practice until you move on to a more advanced penis pump. This beginner’s power pump has an easy to use squeeze ball pump and a quick release valve. Not only can a penis pump be used to make your erections harder and your girth wider, but it can also make for a great masturbation tool too. Another double win.

Lastly, as you can see, some of the best sex toys for men are ones that you can use to be a better lover in bed. At least that’s why I love them. If you are married or have a girlfriend, these sex toys for men can be used to make you last longer, stay harder and add a some extra girth to really rock her world. But that’s not all, sex toys for men can also be a great tool for masturbation too, which makes them even more exciting and curious to explore. As a man, toys don’t need to be a source of embarrassment or shame – they should be seen as a source of power. The truth is that the best sex toys for men will create a more dynamic and exciting sex life that will only improve and enhance the quality of your regular life. In the end, if your sex life is on point, you’ll be on point.

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  1. Helena Gilbert August 9, 2014

    That “enhancer ring” looks worth trying. I will need to get this for my husband and me. I didn’t realize that a pump can also be used as a masturbation tool… thanks for sharing!

  2. Jon Terns August 14, 2014

    I think I would try the penis ring over the pump. It looks much easier to use and I can just slip it on and be ready. I have used a pump before and if done correctly, they can be an amazing masturbation tool.

  3. Jamie Sockett August 15, 2014

    I have heard of the penis pump before, and it is everything I assumed it would be. However, I have never heard of the enhancer ring, and I am certainly digging that design! Even though I’m not experiencing any ‘issues’ right now, I think I might pick that up for the missus. Cheers for the recommendations.

  4. Gregory August 23, 2014

    I sometimes had a hard time getting it hard but with the help of the A&E beginner’s pump I am now proud of how long I can last in bed ;)! At first, I was a little skeptic to say the least and I didn’t want to get one. But, after searching for best sex toys for men and finding some reviews of people who used this sort of pump, I wanted to try one.

    It’s extremely easy to use it gets the job done in a great way! All my last 4 girlfriends knew I had one and they often told me to use it before we had intercourse just because I was lasting a lot more than usual!

  5. Cody September 7, 2014

    It does the job. I noticed results from the first use. I haven’t been using it that long and am already starting to see semi permanent results in length and girth. It does hurt a tad bit at the base though because the sleeve does not provide much cushion.

  6. Calvin J October 5, 2014

    Does the job… My GF told me to say, I don’t leave home without it, what’s in your suitcase? hahahahahahahaha It was bought for a joke, but to be honest with you, I like it….

  7. Andrew P. Austin October 23, 2014

    Although it’s not easy to get on using the Adam and Eve Couple Enhancer Ring , it does a great job of helping her get orgasm several times whenever we use it. The fit can be a bit tight, so try using a bit of lube and/or put it on while you’re flaccid.

  8. Jaime November 1, 2014

    It holds your male parts nicely, easily to wash and doesn’t get dirty easily. though sometimes when i am fully aroused or erect it leaves a mark on my genital and felt a bit of pain afterwards.

  9. Thomas D December 20, 2014

    Wife and i tried this out the other night and she loved it… She said it was a keeper… Not the easiest item to get on but once in place it was good times had by all.

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