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Experimenting is one of the best ways to decide which toy you like the best. Whether you are looking for couple fun or solo fun, you just can’t go wrong with the best-selling sex toys..

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The Best Sex Toys In The Market

Some of the best selling sex toys on the market have become popular for one simple reason: they’ll rock your world in the bedroom. If you are new to the world of erotic tools and the pleasures they can bring to your sexual experience in the bedroom, all you have to do is look towards the best-selling sex toys. If they are working that well for other couples, don’t you think they’ll work for you too? In this article, I am going to talk about the best sex toy in a variety of different categories, so that the next time you are browsing for erotic toys, you’ll have an easier time making a purchase.

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Here are some of the best sex toys on the market…

Wet Rabbit Vibrator Review

Wet Wabbit Vibrator

In the vibrator category, the highest selling sex toys are definitely the Rabbit Vibrators. Why is the rabbit the best-selling sex toy on the market? Well, there are numerous reasons why. For one thing, the rabbit vibrator, like the Wet Rabbit Vibrator, offers the unique ability to stimulate all of your erogenous zones at once. The rotating shaft stimulates the g-spot, the beads stimulate the labia and the little rabbit ears stimulate the clit. Trust me, if you try this amazing vibrator, you’ll know why it is so popular.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Next up, you have male masturbators. The reason why male masturbators are some of the best sex toys on the market is because they can introduce a totally realistic masturbatory experience for men. Most sex toys are intended to pleasure a woman, but a male masturbator, like the Head Honcho, can make masturbation feel like the real thing, which can make orgasms more intense and the entire experience more memorable. The best part is that a male masturbator can be used for some solo play or for some cool fun before sex – it’s really up to you.

A&E Beginner Power Pump Review

A&E Beginner’s Power Pump

Another one of the best-selling sex toys is a penis pump.  A penis pump is the best sex toy for men who want to breathe new life into their erection and sex life. Penis pumps are actually great for a number of uses. For one thing, penis pumps are actually recommended to increase blood flow and circulation to the penis, which can make erections harder and last longer. Plus, penis pumps can be used to clean out the pipes before a big date – yep, they make perfect masturbation tools. All you have to do is slip your manhood inside and pump away – with a little lube it will feel just like the real thing.


Adam & Eve Couple’s Enhancer Ring

Adam & Eve Couple’s Enhancer Ring

And if you are looking for an erotic tool for couples, the best sex toy for foreplay fun is definitely a cock ring. Just take Adam and Eve’s Couple Enhancer Ring as an example – it is made out of a super stretchy material that slips right over the penis and provides just the right amount of constriction. This constriction will prevent the blood from escaping the penis during an erection, which can make a man last much longer in bed. Plus, many cock rings come with a little vibrating bullet, so that she can receive a delightful dose of clitoral stimulation as well.

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Waterproof Prostate Massager

Waterproof Prostate Massager

Also, if you are looking for the best-selling sex toy for anal stimulation, look no further than prostate or anal toys. While women have a g-spot, men have the p-spot, which is more commonly known as the prostate. The prostate – when stimulated ­– when can be orgasmic. Stimulate the prostate during sex or foreplay and it can really make things hot in the bedroom. Perhaps the best-selling sex toy in the prostate massage category is the Waterproof Prostate Massager – If you are looking for a beginner massager, this toy will definitely do the trick!

Well, there you have it – all the best-selling sex toys on the market. If you want to explore the amazing pleasurable opportunities that all these sex toys have to offer, I recommend purchasing a few different ones – just to experiment. When it comes down to it, experimenting is one of the best ways to decide which toy you like the best. No matter if you are looking for couple fun or solo fun, you just can’t go wrong with the best-selling sex toys.

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  1. Willis August 23, 2014

    These are all great sex toys. I have the A&E pump and also the prostate massager. Both are great.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 25, 2014

      It’s nice to know that you enjoyed it.

  2. Kari Blackwell August 30, 2014

    Love this Wet Wabbit Vibrator. gets me off in no time! I would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing orgasm in and out of the shower.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 3, 2014

      Try to share this to your friends Kari, I’m sure they will love this!

  3. Stephanie September 6, 2014

    Of all the toys I’ve tried, I tend to stick to my rabbit (in more ways than one!) Great article. I agree – theses are some fantastic toys.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 14, 2014

      Yes Stephanie! These are fantastic toys 🙂

  4. Mr. Danny September 15, 2014

    I super like the Super Head Honcho, Does not take long with this baby. Expands and stretches to fit about any size member. Feels just like the real thing!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 17, 2014

      Hi Danny! Looks like you’ve found the best one for your needs! 😉

  5. Eugene V October 5, 2014

    This is my first time using super head honcho something like this and wow. Why didn’t I invest in one before. Best thing next to the real thing. Nice Blog

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden October 5, 2014

      Happy to hear you liked it Eugene! Delivered more pleasure than you could have dreamed! 🙂

  6. Dora C October 24, 2014

    This Rabbit Vibrators is my first “rabbit” im not very experienced with toys, but i enjoyed this. i found it to be a tat on the big side, but i do enjoy the different settings. i have also tried it in the shower with no problems. great product, just wish it was smaller.

  7. Ramboo November 9, 2014

    I bought this Wet Rabbit Vibrator for my girlfriend about a month ago and we just got comfortable enough to use it.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 13, 2014

      You are sweet Ramboo, most men don’t give or buy toys for their girlfriends, You are one of a kind! 🙂

  8. Joker Mark December 26, 2014

    If you use the Super head honcho masturbator like it’s supposed to it works great and feels amazing with a couple drops of lube, easy to clean out and has a good sucking action on it but if you use too much lube you don’t get as much. I’d recommend this for guys who just need an every once and awhile use and if you use it right it’ll last a long time without tears or rips.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden December 31, 2014

      Yeah… Share this also to your friends Mark 🙂

  9. Kristen Wars May 24, 2015

    Wet Wabbit Vibe, The rotator feature doesn’t really do it for me and its louder than the vibrator. Nonetheless the thing always gives me the orgasm I want.

  10. Annalyn June 4, 2015

    Excellent buy on wet wabbit, so inexpensive, great toy, exactly what I was expecting!

  11. Marilyn Nex June 23, 2015

    this is my first “rabbit” im not very experienced with toys, but i enjoyed this. i found it to be a tat on the big side, but i do enjoy the different settings

  12. Patricia Kinman July 10, 2015

    This Wet Rabbit Vibratorn definitely gets the job done. The only issue I had was it goes through batteries quickly and you have to make sure to screw on the end really tight for it to work properly. It’s a little thicker than I expected as well, but overall a good buy!

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