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Check out the awesome new toy from! The A&E Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug! Learn how to get this amazing butt plug at the best offer in this post

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Destiny In A&E Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

Hi Destiny here!

I have discovered an awesome new toy from that I have to tell you about and also some discounts and promotions that you can get with this. So, don’t go away and watch the video below until the end.

The product that I have discovered is the A&E Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug. I want to tell you right away, this is not a toy for beginners. The reason I say this is because, to begin with, it is already an inch and three quarters wide before inflation. So, that’s rather large; so, you keep that in mind. It’s six and a half inches tall but five inches insertable. So, it’s a great toy if you have experience in anal play and you really want to take it to next level. It has a pump action, inflation and it will get rather large; so, you kind of experiment what you like. For peace of mind, you have the quick release button – that way if you have discomforts, it’s quick release. It also has a tapered tip for easy insertion.

One of my favorite functions is the vibration. The power button gives you seven speeds – Low, Medium and High. It has four pattern speeds which you can experiment which one you like. I personally like #5 I tried it out and I recommend it. It has very strong vibe which you gonna love.

I love that it has a power button that you can just turn off; so, you don’t have to back down through the speeds. It has twenty one inch tube so you have enough reach when it’s in. It’s waterproof; so, you can enjoy it in the shower which is awesome. And the other part which you can enjoy really great in the shower or in the tub is the suction cup base as it sticks.

You can use this solo or with a partner. It does require two AAA batteries; so, you make sure you order batteries as well as it does not come with the toy. Simply twist on and off below to replace batteries.

I recommend getting Adam & Eve Lube to go with it for your comfort. Also, I recommend A&E Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner to keep this toy clean as possible.

As I promised, I’m gonna get you a code that you can use at so you can enjoy your very own A&E Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug. Simply go to checkout and enter the code SCORE50 and that’s gonna get you 50% OFF on almost any single item plus 3 Bonus Hot DVDs, FREE Shipping on your entire order, and a bonus Mystery Gift.

So go to and enter the code SCORE50 and start enjoying your A&E Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug today.

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  1. Rose Emlee May 20, 2015

    I really enjoyed this plug! The plug part is smaller than other plugs so it can insert without much pain. After inserting the vibration comes on and I am easily able to pump it up and really get a good stretch which I love! Had for almost 2 months and can see signs of wear and tear so eventually it will be replaced but still going strong for now!

  2. Matt M June 3, 2015

    Would be nice if the plugs were a bit longer.

  3. SamO June 10, 2015

    That is cool! I never tried it on my BF before now *maybe* he will let me? lol…

  4. Dianne Randolph June 24, 2015

    great product. works well and isn’t too big. Only thing is that the lube might stain it but no big deal .

  5. Patricia Kinman July 10, 2015

    Impressed with the quality of this product. Works great using it nightly for a safe activity It could have a couple of higher levels of vibration or stronger pulse.

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