Orgasmbility 4
Affordability 3
Portability 3
Durability 3
Functionality 4

For those who are looking to discover the wonders of G-Spot play, this Intimates Personal Pleasurizer would be an ideal toy. So, learn more with Jim Eborn..

Summary 3.4 good
Orgasmbility 4.6
Affordability 4.5
Portability 4.3
Durability 4.6
Functionality 4.5
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Summary 4.5 great

Jim Eborn on Intimates Personal Pleasurizer Review

Hi guys! Jim here with Today, I’ll be reviewing a few sex toys for you today.

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So today, we’re talking about the Intimates Personal Pleasurizer. It is a powerful multi-vibration vibrator. It is also a clitoris, not only it’s a clitoris stimulator but it’s also a g-spot stimulator.

It’s extremely flexible and easy clean up. Like I said before, it’s a g-spot stimulator. It has a curvy body which is amazing. If you’re not into or not in the mood for it, you can pull it back. I have tried this for you because I don’t want you guys to have a hard time without me doing it first.

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There are these little fingers right here and it is like a clitoris massage. Who doesn’t want a good massage? A good massage straight into orgasm!

There is a remote attached to it. There is a requirement of 2 AA batteries that go with it. It does not come with them, but you can purchase them at So, why not go shopping? Throw them at your basket!

My favorite part about the remote is you can use one finger. Because if you’re playing with yourself, who has time or who wants to be using too many fingers, it can be distractions. Add a little lube, have a little fun. You can do it by yourself, it is a personal pleasurizer or you may want to allow your partner or your friend with you, you can pass the remote to them. It stretches, share the fun.

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  1. Ruby M. Doughty September 7, 2014

    That was really a nice review and now I’ interested to get one

    • Jim Eborn
      Jim Eborn September 17, 2014

      You should get one darling!

  2. Carol October 5, 2014

    Thanks for your blog I save 50% off using the coupon code SCORE50 , great

  3. Jim Eborn
    Jim Eborn October 5, 2014

    You are welcome Carol, shop more! 🙂

  4. Dennis R. Roy October 20, 2014

    great little toy…. wife love it

    • Jim Eborn
      Jim Eborn November 13, 2014

      Yes Dennis, we women love this toy 🙂

  5. Belinda Walters October 24, 2014

    I love this type of toy. this is the first sex toy I’ve ever tried and I really like it. it’s super cute and works like a charm. I love using it on myself or having someone else do it for me

    • Jim Eborn
      Jim Eborn November 13, 2014

      This is perfect if someone else is playing for you! Great feeling and great orgasm Belinda 😉

  6. Marsha K December 9, 2014

    I should try that thing, because watching the video I can’t wait to try it personally

    • Jim Eborn
      Jim Eborn December 15, 2014

      Yes, you must try it Marsha 🙂 and don’t forget to share your experience here 😉

  7. Shelly January 4, 2015

    I don’t think I have ever seen a g-spot stimulator like that before. I’m really thinking hard on that one. Do you feel the vibration all the way up there or is it more focused on the clitoral area?

    • Jim Eborn
      Jim Eborn January 27, 2015

      It’s not only focus on the clitoral area Shelly but also on the gspot area.

  8. Rebecca February 9, 2015

    This is awesome and thanks for the coupon code SCORE50 because it’s working 100%

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