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Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at buying a sex toy for women, here’s a guide for anyone who seeks a blissful experience with or without a partner..

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Guide on Buying the Best Sex Toy for Women

Whether I was a beginner or an expert at buying a sex toy for women, the motions are all the same.  After so many years using the same old toy; I decided to get myself only, but the best but, which one would that be?

When buying the best sex toy for women, I do keep in mind that a staggering 70% of women reach an orgasm through clitoral stimulation only rather through penetration. Therefore, this fact alone can make a difference in what can be the best suited to me.

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Here is a guide I live by when considering purchases.

  • Shopping around means more than discreet online shopping! Facing a sales person at the counter of a sex shop is the ideal location for me to see what is available even it does sound a little intimidating.
  • One of the best tips I ever had was testing the vibrator on the tip of my nose. Why? If my nose tickled, my clitoris will enjoy it much more.
  • To avoid disappointments, I make sure it’s in working order before I make the purchase by asking the salesperson to test it first.
  • I try to avoid all or any toxic chemicals.
  • While some prefer the jelly and rubber coatings, I go for plastic, silicone and elastomer because I feel that the vibrations are better.
  • This sounds ridiculous but, I always make sure to get information of returns policy. Some toys do break. I also check the guarantee as well.
  • If I shop with a male friend; we talk it over to see where our needs of pleasures together can be met.
  • Getting vibrators that are waterproof, I did make sure that it is made to be used in baths or/and showers.
  • I buy the one that gives me that extra boost giving me a massage as well.
  • I buy for clitoris stimuli and vaginal as well since I am in the 30% who experience both.
Bendable Butterfly Vibrator

Bendable Butterfly Vibrator

Below you will find what and why I have chosen sex toys. It describes the pleasures that can be obtained. These are the reasons why shopping around can either get you creative or simply curious as to how pleasure can be intensified. I have here 3 examples of great sex toys as a guide for a purchase or many purchases.

I have tried the Bendable Butterfly Vibrator – the shaft is soft and bends as I want it. I can even stretch it for deep penetration. The bonus is the antennae working on the clit while the butterflies tease the labia.  It stimulates my internal and external areas. I can turn around in different positions as I please. I found it great when giving my boyfriend oral sex. We both climax with such intensity.

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Why I chose this one:

  • 7 thrilling sensation modes
  • Bends for G-Spot or straightens for penetration
  • Waterproof for intense orgasms
    Double Delight Strap On

    Double Delight Strap-On

I also have the Double Delight Strap-On for when I want solo sex or even experience with a partner. What I like about it is that it meets with the sensation of a real penis because of the silicone coating. The look is pleasant as well. I like it because I like different position. It is meant to share with a partner, especially during anal sex. The top part, a bulb end of this dildo vibrates against his penis as he thrusts inside of me. I also use during oral sex. I like to guarantee myself double the pleasure.

Why I chose this one:

  • Curved and sensuous carved shafts
  • Adjustable leg-straps
  • Felt great when tested with the tip of my nose
  • Over the edge anal sex arousal with or without a partner
Emperor 8" Vibrating Dildo

Emperor 8″ Vibrating Dildo

The one that satisfies me the most is the lifelike Emperor 8″ Vibrating Dildo. It looks and feels like a penis. It comes complete with testicles. The nicely contoured head is magnificent and is made of rubber. I insert it and adjust the speeds (push button) from slow to very fast; actually, this one includes a remote control. Talk about performance!

Why I chose this one:

  • When I have no time for long foreplay
  • Feels and looks like a penis
  • 8 inches long for deep penetration

This is the guide I offer for anyone who seeks a blissful experience with or without a partner!

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  1. Helena Gilbert August 9, 2014

    While I still believe that nothing compares to the real thing, The “Emperor 8” looks like it might satisfy those times when the real thing is not available. I think I would go with that one if I had to just choose one in this list.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 21, 2014

      me too! if the real one is not available that would be a great companion 😀

  2. Ben C August 15, 2014

    I’m not going to lie, I’ve been having some trouble finding the right toy for my partner, especially since she is very picky on design, feel, vibration strength etc. However, the bendable butterfly vibrator does look like a viable option, and from the sounds of it, it provides plenty of bang for your buck 😉

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden August 21, 2014

      It really is! That’s one of my favorites. I hope your partner will love this!

  3. Grace August 23, 2014

    Buying the best sex toy can be hard. There’s thousands of options out there. My advice would be to just keep trying different things.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden October 2, 2014

      That’s right Grace! it’s about your preference.

  4. Kim Rawks September 15, 2014

    I developed the nerve to face sales people early on. Now, it’s kinda fun when the sales person is a guy. 🙂 I LOVE the nose tip!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden September 17, 2014

      hahaha nice one! 😉

  5. Ann R October 9, 2014

    this Bendable Butterfly Vibrator is awesome! sometimes i feel like its a real battery drainer but it still is awesome!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden October 10, 2014

      Yes Ann, Bendable Butter Vibrator is really amazing and great!

  6. Bonnie J. October 23, 2014

    This Emperor 8″ Vibrating Dildo does what its suppose to too, I enjoy the feeling that it gave me. I would say this is a awesome product if you need to satisfy your sexual needs.

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 13, 2014

      Yes you are right Bonnie!

  7. Shena Fernandez November 7, 2014

    Bought this Bendable Butterfly Vibrator for a wedding/honeymoon gift. Bride loves it!!!

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden November 13, 2014

      Really? I hope they didn’t open it during the opening of gifts… lol

  8. Jeanne Price November 29, 2014

    After reading to this blog, I’m interested to try it out this Emperor 8″ Vibrating Dildo and hope it would satisfy my need and to have fun on my sex life

    • Taylor Mayden
      Taylor Mayden December 6, 2014

      You will surely enjoy it Jeanne 😉

  9. Gatorman J February 7, 2015

    My wife is not real happy with this because it is to wide in girth…the length is great…gets right in there and the vibration is TOP NOTCH….but she just thinks its a bit to painful because of its girth…I suggest skinnier version…

  10. vibrators for women October 27, 2016

    All of them sex toys are looking best specially 8″ inch vibrating dildos it look perfect for sexual pleasure thanks for sharing such informative post.

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