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Penis rings can make sex more pleasurable and exciting. Here are some things you should think about when looking for the best penis ring for your next hook up.

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The Best Penis Ring Men Should Own

Knowing how to find the best penis ring is important, because, in order to get the most out of your penis ring experience, you want to start developing a preference for a certain kind of penis ring. The same goes for any time of sex toy – you want to find out what you like and what you are comfortable with, because that way you can keep coming back to that toy to enhance or boost the enjoyment factor of your sexual adventures. When it comes to penis rings, there are a number of different types that you may enjoy better.

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Here are some things you should think about when looking for the best penis ring for your next hook up…

First up, a lot of guys enjoy the idea of penis rings but don’t want to spend a fortune. Luckily, penis rings aren’t expensive. In fact, when it comes to erotic tools, the penis ring is usually the most affordable. However, if you want to use a penis ring and then toss it out afterward – with the condom – you may be interested to learn about a few disposable penis rings. These are penis rings that you can buy over and over again – and you won’t break the bank. Also, you won’t feel bad about tossing them out.

Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring, Penis Ring, Penis Ring Review

Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring

For instance, one of the best disposable penis rings is the Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring. This penis ring really gets down to the basics. All you have is a simple ring that can be pushed down over the base of the penis shaft to control your erection – it’s really that simple. Besides the fact that this penis ring is affordable, it is actually made out of a really durable material that allows you to stretch the penis ring over any sized member –from small to extra large. Because the penis ring is made out of a durable material, you may be able to get a few rounds out of it, but eventually you probably want to toss it out.

Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring, Penis Ring, Penis Ring Review, Ultimate Penis Ring

Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring

Next, you may also want to think about a penis ring that has the capability to give your lover a little extra pleasure. Just take the Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring for instance – it gives you the best of two worlds, especially if you have a double penetration fantasy. This cock ring has a separate dildo attached that can allow you to not only maintain your erection – you can also give your partner twice the love. When it comes to penis rings that can do more, this penis ring certainly takes the cake. If you are looking for a way to really increase the passion and orgasm factor, this is a penis ring you definitely want to experiment with.

Adam & Eve Ball Buzzer Penis Ring, Penis Ring, Penis Ring Review

Adam & Eve Ball Buzzer Penis Ring

Another great penis ring that can perform double duties on the job is the Adam & Eve Ball Buzzer Penis Ring. Okay, did I say double duty? – I meant triple duty. You know that feeling you get when you are getting your testicles stoked or licked? – Well, this amazing penis ring has a unique vibrator that sends thrilling vibrations through your balls while you are wearing it. Also, as you are having sex and thrusting away, another vibrator gently vibrates your partner’s clitoris. So, this penis ring really covers all angles and pleasure zones – a must have if you want to cover all your bases.

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If you want another penis ring that can perform more than one duty, you may be interested in the Bunny Enhancer Penis Ring. This penis ring is a simpler double duty cock ring – it performs like a penis ring does – by constricting blood flow and maintaining an erection – but it also has a little vibrating bullet and bunny ears that tickles her clitoris. As you are pounding away, she’ll be getting off in more ways than one.

Bunny Enhancer Penis Ring, Penis Ring, Penis Ring Review, Enhancer Ring

Bunny Enhancer

In the end, finding the best penis ring is all about going on a search. Just like you look for the best restaurant in a new town by trying a few different establishments, you want to do the same with penis rings. Not all penis rings are created equal – some are simpler than others, some vibrate and some allow for fun double penetration. In order to know exactly what you like, you want to try each one. Penis rings are affordable, so really anyone can go on this adventure. What you will find is that penis rings can make sex more pleasurable and exciting. In the end, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using penis rings sooner.

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  1. Leanne August 12, 2014

    We have more fun with these as a couple than we ever do with vibrators or other previously owned sex toys. I definitely wouldn’t mind expanding our collection of these.

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev August 22, 2014

      It’s always better to try new things! 😉

  2. Kevin Smith September 13, 2014

    good Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring for good fun! Will keep buying this item in the future. They last a long time, like nights do now

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev September 17, 2014

      Yes if you want to last longer in bed Kevin better to try one of these penis rings.

  3. Keith September 16, 2014

    The pearl beaded penis ring is the best penis ring ever! I’ve been using it for a while now and I haven’t even touched my old ones for ages because this one just blows them out of the water. It’s a really amazing penis ring. I’d recommend it to any guy.

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev September 17, 2014

      Great to hear your experience Keith, check out my other reviews.

  4. Frederick B October 5, 2014

    This allowed my wife and I to have a great time….my wife’s first word were ‘oh my’. She came quicker as well, great product

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev October 10, 2014

      High five Fred! My wife also love it when I wear it during our moments 🙂

  5. Fred Rhem October 24, 2014

    That Bunny Enhancer is a great item that I don’t get a chance to use. it works so good that my wife gets too loud when we used it and she’s worried about waking the kids. Now I’m saving up for two pairs of noise canceling head phones. lol

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev November 21, 2014

      hahaha you better invest to that.

  6. Gib John November 15, 2014

    First off, its a good thing it stretches!!! Don’t forget to trim up a bit for comfort sake. Product was a hit with the wife and that’s all that really matters right!

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev November 21, 2014

      Yes Gib!! 🙂

  7. Ralph W January 1, 2015

    I’ve never been able to use a cock ring before. However, since my radiation treatment for prostate cancer, I gradually developed ED issues. This Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring is so simple and easy to taken on and off and is amazingly comfortable

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev January 27, 2015

      Great to hear it fits perfectly to you Ralph and you enjoyed it 🙂

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