Orgasmbility 5
Affordability 3
Portability 3
Durability 5
Functionality 5

What happens when you combine ultimate ergonomic control with orgasmic power? You get Adam & Eve’s revolutionary prostate toy: the L’Arque Prostate Massager!

Summary 4.2 great
Orgasmbility 4.5
Affordability 4.4
Portability 4.4
Durability 4.5
Functionality 4.5
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Summary 4.5 great

Phil Doe on L’ Arque Prostate Massager

Hi, this is Phil with I’m here to show you on how you can get the best prostate stimulator for 50% OFF, FREE Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs and a FREE Mystery Gift by typing in a coupon code.

The best prostate stimulator in the market, the L’Arque and it has 3 speeds, 4 functions, 4 hours of bliss and it’s waterproof. It’s rechargeable, comes with a handset recharging. Plug it, one charge, 4 hours of fun, 3 speeds. Now you got different functions, the 4 different types of functions with a different pulses that you can use in different parts of your prostate stimulation.

Also, this is a nice little tip here, for easy clean up, I slip a condom on my anal toys. It’s easy clean up, just pull it off, you want to do it right, you know just clean up and what rub down but it’s been protected. And if you look at the shape of this, it’s actually for g-spot stimulation also. My wife and I use it, she loved it. Love the different speeds, likes the different pulses, great curve. So again, you got the g-spot and in my case it was the p-spot stimulation and you can rock it in there and really you got the different type of orgasms guys. Then, would you normally used to with like the pulse of a normal ejaculation. Just have like a push, it’s really hot. Really good and a very excellent.

Watch: Phil Doe on Super Head Honcho Masturbator [VIDEO]

Anyway, let me get you the coupon code. It is SCORE50, S-C-O-R-E-5-0 all one word. You use that, you’ll see that $99.95 this L’Arque normally cost. And this is the highest quality prostate stimulator you can get. It’s cut in HALF to 50% OFF, that’s $49.98. And on top of that, you get the FREE Shipping, the 3 DVDs and the Mystery Gift.

What a deal, SCORE50. S-C-O-R-E-5-0. Type it in the coupon code area and you’ll see what a deal you’re getting. Again, the greatest deal in mankind for prostate stimulator. 4 hours, could be 4 hours in a pool, it’s waterproof. You get different stimulation with different speeds, different functions.

What else could you want? Just go to and get an awesome prostate stimulator and get it for 50% OFF on almost ANY single item at 3 DVDs, FREE Shipping and a FREE Mystery Gift by simply typing in SCORE50 at your checkout.

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  1. Jack August 23, 2014

    I also use condoms on all anal toys as the cleanup is a million times easier but you have to be careful and use more lube, it doesn’t matter what brand it is, as long as you’re keeping it wet. I put L’Arque prostate massager to use the moment I got it and it made me cum like crazy. For me this is the perfect size, not too long or too thick so I can use it in various positions. I’m nowhere near to being gay, but being able to orgasm without even touching your penis is something else; don’t knock it till you try it!

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe August 28, 2014

      You are doing it right Jack!

  2. Austin October 5, 2014

    This has the best curve… lets you hit the spot the first time, everytime.
    The “learning curve” (no pun intended) is pretty short, too…

    Better than the other products and no need to vibrate!!

    Cleanup is easy

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe October 5, 2014

      You are right Austin!

  3. Frank Vogel October 20, 2014

    This is the first one, prostate massager, I have ever tried. I could not believe how good it felt when I touched my Prostate and the amount of sperm that shot out, which is not normal for me, usually it just falls out. This product has to be good for you.

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe November 13, 2014

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed it Frank…

  4. d’Fox Mate October 24, 2014

    I work in a legal brothel and this product is very in demand with my clientele. Its longer than my finger and get the job d

  5. Comedy Star November 29, 2014

    I like the product and it does its job, but it’s a bit large for me. It’s almost like the feeling of a sexual partner jabbing you in the stomach, unless I have the perfect position. I want to try a smaller one and I advise you to do the same unless you already have a smaller one.

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe December 6, 2014

      If you are a beginner better to use the smaller one.

  6. Gary Henno January 10, 2015

    Does exactly what it promises it will do

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe January 27, 2015

      Yes it is Gary! 🙂

  7. Dave TumulaC January 16, 2015

    Best prostate massager I’ve eve had, Wife likes to use it on me which is fun. It is a must-have toy for the man in the family

    • Phil Doe
      Phil Doe January 27, 2015

      Wow! that’s really fun Dave! Shop more then… haha

  8. Eugenie June 21, 2015

    Well, explain… look so good and i can only imagine the performance, i would definitely get one for me and my friends, great deal indeed for what you get.

  9. Josha July 13, 2015

    Was wondering if this could be inserted and left in place while having intercourse. Has anybody tried it? Or would it just come out?

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