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Need to bring that spark back into your sex life? Whether you want to last longer in bed or stay harder for longer, explore the amazing world of penis rings..

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Reasons To Buy Penis Rings

Penis rings are an amazing erotic tool that can be used to enhance any sexual experience – I know that my sex life has drastically improved. If you don’t know about penis rings, you definitely should, because a penis ring may be what you need to bring that spark back to your sex life – to bring that fiery romance back to the bedroom. Plus, penis rings are simple, they are easy to use and they are effective. In fact, penis rings are one of the most effective and useful sex toys out there – whether you want to last longer in bed, give your partner more pleasure or maintain an erection, a penis ring is the answer.

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Here are some reasons I love penis rings…

Screaming O Vibrating Ring

Screaming O Vibrating Ring

First, you should know that you don’t particularly need a reason to purchase a penis ring. Just the fact that penis rings can add a little more flavor and excitement to the sexual experience is reason enough. One of the main reasons why penis rings are so incredible, though, is because they can allow you to last longer in bed. Penis rings have the unique ability to slightly constrict blood flow, which allows you the opportunity to stay harder for longer. Plus, penis rings can help you last longer in bed. When you constrict blood flow, you are also telling your brain to not climax too soon.

Out of all the penis rings that I’ve tried, I have to say that my favorite is the Screaming O Vibrating Ring, which is so affordable and disposable that you can use a fresh new one every time you have sex. This penis ring is also made out of a really nice stretchy material, so it will literally fit on every penis. I’m about average size and it fits just right. But the best part about this penis ring is that it has a little vibrating bullet that you can activate by pressing a simple button. This vibrating bullet can turn your penis into a vibrating sex machine that will tease and titillate her clitoris while your cock is stimulating her g-spot.

Vibrating Mood Penis Ring, Penis Ring, Penis Ring Review

Vibrating Mood Penis Ring

Another reason why you may be interested in trying out a penis ring is if you are experiencing problems with an erection. Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction, but medication can often have too many side effects and risks. A penis ring is a safe, non-toxic option that will allow you the opportunity to achieve an orgasm and then hold it. If you are experiencing these issues, you may want to try out the Vibrating Mood Penis Ring. This is by far the best penis ring for men with erectile dysfunction, because not only will help you maintain an orgasm – it is also fun to use. This amazing penis ring will light up as it vibrates for some extra excitement in the bedroom.

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Next, you may want to try out a penis ring if you are having trouble lasting longer than a few minutes in bed. Don’t worry – a lot of guys have a hard time holding back their orgasm. This wouldn’t be such a problem if it weren’t for the fact that it can create tension between you and your partner. Oftentimes, if you climax too soon, it can leave the other person feeling unsatisfied. Penis rings can be an incredible solution to this embarrassing scenario.

In the end, there are many reasons why you may want to buy a penis ring. Penis rings are a great way to add a little fun to date night or an anniversary night. Penis rings are also a great tool to have if you don’t want to disappoint when you first hook up with a partner or go home with someone for a one night stand. When you purchase a penis ring, you want to also have a few other supplies too. A penis ring will add even more fun if you have plenty of condoms and lubrication. Condoms are critical if you want to stay safe and keep going all night long. So, whether you want to last longer in bed or stay harder for longer, you may want to explore the amazing world of penis rings. In the end, you may just find – like I did – that the sexual experience just isn’t the same without them.

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  1. ถุงยาง July 16, 2014

    I have read so many posts on the topic of the blogger lovers but this paragraph is genuinely a good paragraph, keep
    it up.

  2. Michael July 19, 2014

    Sexy I love this.

  3. Alistair S August 15, 2014

    I have heard and read many good things about the effects of penis rings, and I must say, I am becoming ever-more tempted to purchase one. I do not suffer from E.D or anything similar, however if there is the chance that using one could increase the duration of my erection, then this would be great news for my partner 😉

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev August 21, 2014

      Yes Alistair, you and your partner can both benefit from this! Win-win situation, yeah?

  4. Christopher M September 7, 2014

    I was pleased with this item as was my wife!! It was a good addition to our toy box!!

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev September 15, 2014

      Happy to hear that you and your wife enjoyed the product! explore more 😉

  5. Kevin October 5, 2014

    I love using it and no problem putting it on. Used it 2 times now. Both time wife enjoyed it very much. Would buy again.

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev October 5, 2014

      Me too Kevin I really love putting rings on my penis It’s not just I get last longer in bed but my partner also loved it and enjoyed it.

      Explore more for other sex toys 😉

  6. Teresa P October 23, 2014

    That Screaming O Vibrating Ring is really fun for both me and hubby… …. makes the bedroom a lot more fun! Highly recommend this for just about anyone.

  7. Karyll November 8, 2014

    When this thing came I thought “OMG ITS HUGE!” Vibrator is strong. Boyfriend didn’t like the second ring that when around his balls, he said it felt funny. But it functions just fine even without the second strap.

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev November 13, 2014

      Yeah it’s a bit funny Karyll..

  8. Darryl Las December 11, 2014

    great!!!! my wife love it it is a tight fit but her on reverse worked great!!! lots of fun for both of us

    • David Zeev
      David Zeev December 15, 2014

      Sounds great Darryl! 😉

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