Orgasmbility 3
Affordability 3
Portability 5
Durability 3
Functionality 4

Tired of vibrators that run through batteries faster than you can enjoy them? The Adam & Eve Massaging Vibrator never requires a single battery change.

Summary 3.6 good
Orgasmbility 4.6
Affordability 4.5
Portability 4.5
Durability 4.6
Functionality 4.6
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Summary 4.6 great

Chandra Chenille On Magic Massager

This is called, Adam & Eve Magic Massager. Now, this Magic Massager is every bit the magic it says it is. It is a vibrator, an intense vibrator. It’s actually the most intense vibrator that I have actually tried. The head of this, is cushion, it’s really, really soft. It’s nice and comfortable, soft and squishy and the head is flexible. It gets you to lots of those corners and tight areas. And of course, it has a very long handle, which also helps you reach all the spots you wanna get to. You can create a sensual massage or even just a relaxing massage.

Now the great thing about this toy here is that it doesn’t require any batteries. You just have to plug it into an outlet. It has a 5 1/2 ft. long cord, so, it’s long enough so that you don’t have to be sitting right next to an outlet. Of course, there’s long handle too, so it has another foot or few inches. So, you do have like 6 ft. of length here that you can use. You really don’t have to be right next to an outlet.

It has two amazingly powerful vibration settings. There’s the first setting.. And even on the first setting, this is an amazing vibration. This is the kind of vibration that delivers a very deep throbbing vibration. And it creates also a very explosive orgasm, I guess you could say that! It’s explosive because of the very deep vibrating sensation. Now on the high.. and this is high. High level, oh my goodness! Now talk about amazingly powerful vibration here, is gonna make you cry out to your skin but it a fantastic way. I also like to use this toy not only for my sensual needs and for my partner’s sensual needs. My husband loves this toy by the way. I love to blow myself if I’m having a tough day, oh my gosh that just feels so good!

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Use it as your own bath massager, of course, you can use it everywhere. It’s even better if someone or your partner, your husband, your boyfriend or anyone would be using this on you as a massager. And I’ll tell you what, one of my favorite things to do is that when my husband gets home from work, and I’ll start with a back rub with it and maybe going to his leg and then we get really sensual with this and things get very heated up very quickly. This is one of our favorite toys in our bedroom. We both love to use it on each other, for a great massage, sensual massage, relaxing massage anything you can imagine! This is just one of the most powerful massage vibrators I have ever felt ever!

So, give it a try. Remember, you have the cushion head here, flexible, very soft. It has a very long handle, the two amazingly strong speeds, you have the 5 1/2 ft. long cord. And the best thing about Adam & Eve Magic Massager is that, today when you go to and at checkout, you put in the code SCORE50. So you go to, when you’re at the checkout, put in SCORE50. What’s that going to do is give you HALF OFF of this, 50% OFF of this! And not all 50% OFF of this, you could choose another toy, it’s pretty much ANY single item, you’re gonna get 50% OFF using that code. Plus there’s more! If you use the code SCORE50, you’ll also going to get 3 FREE Hot DVDs, and I’m telling you, these are very hot DVDs. And there’s more, if you’ll gonna put in the code SCORE50, you’ll also gonna get a FREE Mystery Gift and FREE Shipping!

So, there’s nothing to lose! Go to and try the Magic Massager and I’ll tell you, you’ll gonna love it! Just remember to put in the code SCORE50 so that you can get HALF OFF, 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift and FREE Shipping!

I look forward to hearing your comments about this amazing vibrating Magic Massager!

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  1. Cristal August 23, 2014

    The magic massager is amazing! I’ve been enjoying it every night with my boyfriend. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a great sensation!

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille August 28, 2014

      Yes Cristal it’s really amazing!! I have had lots of vibrators and this one was tops. It had me moaning like a whore in no time. lol

  2. Stephanie September 6, 2014

    NOW we’re talking! LOL. My first experience with a vibe was with one of these. To this day it was the most intense experience ever. 😉

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille September 17, 2014

      I felt that too and feels like ecstacy

  3. Ann H. Blake September 13, 2014

    I am never leaving my apartment again. Ever. This is the only thing I need in my life. I can’t wait for the boyfriend to get home. 🙂

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille September 17, 2014

      Well, you still need to find a god BF

  4. Lisa Price September 16, 2014

    Magic Wand Massager is simply amazing! There’s no way I could describe how amazing it is without you trying it yourself. Out of all the massagers and vibrators I’ve used, this is the best toy I’ve come across. I’d recommend any girl to try it. It will have you dripping wet.

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille October 3, 2014

      Just like magic!

  5. Linda T September 28, 2014

    I was not familiar with the product name. Took a chance and bought it. Now that I’ve tried it. I have no regrets ordering it! Works great, has two speeds, and light weight!

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille September 30, 2014

      Enjoy using the Adam & Eve Magic Massager Linda 🙂

  6. Joyce Sanders October 18, 2014

    I love this massager, its compact size makes it easy to tuck away. Long battery life, I’ve only had to charge it once so far. Also, it is so much quieter than my old massager. Perfect for fun and for working out muscle knots!

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille November 21, 2014

      I feel the same Joyce, This massager is amazing! 🙂

  7. Anacon Mia November 9, 2014

    This is outstanding. The quality is great, i really like the material. It has 10 speeds, so you can adjust it to your liking very easily.

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille November 21, 2014

      You are right Anacon 🙂 thanks for sharing your ideas about the product.

  8. Shelly January 4, 2015

    I’m just wondering if the handle is too long for personal use. It seems like it would be awkward to hold and the ‘proper’ angle. But seems like everyone is loving it, so it can’t be that awkward. Also wondering why the durability was marked at a 3 star. Thanks~

  9. Tania Caillouet January 9, 2015

    Great massager for my entire body

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille January 27, 2015

      very useful Tania? 🙂

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