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If you’re looking for a quick jump-start to send you both into orgasmic ecstasy, the Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring is the one for you!

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Summary 4.5 great

Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring Review

Hi guys, it’s Chandra here again! And today, I’m here to talk about another new, exciting toy that I just added to my toy collection.

This is the Big O Ultimate Vibrating Ring. OK? So, here we have our Big O Ultimate Vibrating Ring and I suppose you may be wondering what the heck does a vibrating ring do?

Well, this bottom part here that is very, very, very stretchy is the cock ring or some people called erection ring. So, what a man does is put this onto his penis with this little nub. There’s a little ticklers, very soft ticklers here, that needs to be facing towards your partner’s clitoris. So, I’m going to use this little fun vibrator, so I can demonstrate how this cock ring is going to work and is gonna provide pleasure for both you and your partner, OK?

So, you wanna put this on your penis, OK, so this would be the head of the penis, this would be the base of the penis and here is your wife’s or girlfriend’s clitoris, OK? So, you wanna put on a little bit of lube onto the end, on to this stretchy ring part. I suggest that you might wanna put on a lube because it’s gonna be much easier, OK?

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Then, you’ll gonna simply slide it over and this is very stretchy. So, it will accommodate any size penis you may have, OK. Any size, make a little push at the base of your penis. So then again, you want this little nudge walls right here to be right where your partner’s clitoris is. So then, of course, while, you’re having intercourse, you’re going to turn this on, and it has 2 awesome speeds to it OK? So, it has 1 continuous speed, which is nice and really powerful, really awesome and makes the little ticklers right here just vibrate wonderfully on your clit.

There’s another speed here, just push the little button on the side. Do you hear that one? It goes on and off, it’s a vibration on and off, there’s a little bit of a teaser. I like this setting because it’s just kind of fun to feel that just what happens, when it’s going on and off, on and off on your clitoris. Now, another great thing about this Big O cock ring is, it also comes with a little handy guide of all some awesome positions that you can try that you’re gonna make your experience with the Big O even that much better. I happen to love this because I’m a person that needs a lot of clitoral stimulation during intercourse. So, this little ring works awesome for me and my husband because he can put this on and not only it’s pleasuring me and my clitoris during intercourse, this vibration goes through the entire cock ring, so he also experiences great sensual vibration during sex. And like again, I said it does come with this cool little thing with all these different positions you could try. One of my favorite happens to be the “Reverse Cowboy or Reverse Cowgirl” and that is my most fun position to try with this particular toy because it stimulates me just where I need it. But of course for you, it might be anyone of other wonderful positions you can give a shot with the vibrating screaming o.

Now, I’m gonna tell you, so you gotta remember this fun little toy here. Nice and stretchy, so it’s gonna fit in anybody especially with lube. You’ve got the 2 vibrating speeds, the consistent vibrations which is very very strong, don’t worry about it not being strong enough cos it is. And then you have the alternating, OK and of course it has all of fun little nudge walls and little bruise that makes the experience even much more intense.

So, what you need to do, if you wanna try this fun little toy here, you need to go to and at checkout you need to enter the code SCORE50. Now what this is gonna get you, it’s gonna give you not only 50% OFF but this little toy here, the Big O you can get off virtually 50% OFF ANY toy that you would like to try. And that’s not it folks, when you go to at checkout, you’ll put it that SCORE50, you’re gonna get 50% OFF on this toy, any single toy plus you’re gonna get 3 FREE Hot DVDs, they are hot DVDs, trust me, me and my husband love them!

You’re going to get FREE Mystery gift and on top of it all, you’re gonna get FREE Shipping when you use the code SCORE50.

So, c’mon guys, go out there and give the Big O cock ring a try. You’re gonna love it!

Remember to put in SCORE50 at checkout, you’re gonna get 50% OFF, a FREE Mystery Gift, 3 FREE Hot DVDs and FREE Shipping!

I look forward to hearing all your comments and how you enjoy the Big O!

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  1. Andrew August 24, 2014

    This vibrating penis ring is definitely worth a try as it’s very cheap! My wife has been bugging me to use a penis ring for quite a while but I was a bit reluctant because we never used any male toys. I will give this a go because I know that our sex life can be improved and this can make us both feel great. Not to brag, but the battery life is a bit small; yeah, we have our quickies, but several times a week we like to go at it really hard and half an hour isn’t really that much. Hope she will like it!

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille August 28, 2014

      Hi Andrew! I’m sure both of you will enjoy it…

  2. Noel J October 5, 2014

    This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a penis ring with a vibrator that could replace the batteries easily, and this fit the bill perfectly.

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille October 10, 2014

      I’m happy for you Noel 🙂 shop more! 😉

  3. Josephine R October 23, 2014

    It definitely heightened the experience for me, my guy gave it a good natured try but he’s not all that adventurous and it didn’t do much for him. I quite liked it, and other reviews from guys were positive…maybe I’ll keep suggesting it to him. 🙂

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille November 13, 2014

      Yes Josephine, that’s the right thing to do 🙂

  4. Kenneth K November 1, 2014

    My wife loves this product. She wants to use it every time we have sex any more. It has just the right touch for my lady. She feels bad using other vibrators because she can’t share the enjoyment with me.

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille November 13, 2014

      That’s sweet to hear Kenneth, she’s not selfish…explore more for other sex toys for couples 🙂

  5. Mr. Anjo November 29, 2014

    My Wife likes it a lot but it is pretty tight fit.

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille December 6, 2014

      That should fit tight at first.

  6. Mr Bright January 18, 2015

    Strong little vibrator, but the vibration waves are so fine and close together…. has some vibration transfer loss.

    • Chandra Chenille
      Chandra Chenille January 27, 2015

      Yes Mr. Bright.

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