Orgasmbility 3
Affordability 4
Portability 5
Durability 4
Functionality 3

Kegel eggs are used by many women to maintain vaginal strength. So, learn how to use this Crystal Premium Large Glass Eggs from Willow Litchen..

Summary 3.8 good
Orgasmbility 4.5
Affordability 4.7
Portability 4.6
Durability 4.5
Functionality 4.6
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Willow’s Review of Crystal Premium Glass Eggs

Hey, this is Willow and I’m here with you to review for

When I received this Crystal Large Premium Glass Eggs to review, I have to admit, I was apprehensive. I have heard of Kegel eggs and Kegel balls before but I’ve never used it myself.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Kegel eggs, it’s used by many women to maintain vaginal strength, vaginal sensitivity and bladder control. Basically, you put one or more happy glasses or stone eggs inside your vagina and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to keep the eggs from slipping out.

So, I was sitting in my bedroom weighing the pros and cons of uncertain glass eggs. Unlike other Kegel glass eggs I had seen online, this one had strings attached to tuck the toy after use. Oh well, I thought, if they did get stuck, the worst thing that could happen is an embarrassing hospital trip. And people get embarrassing things in weird places all the time.

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Thankfully, taking out the eggs wasn’t an issue in a least. Keeping them in is a different story. When I first put them in, I was surprised by the immense of pressure it took to keep the eggs from slipping in. After a few days of using the eggs for 3-4 minutes twice a day, I was able to hold them in long enough to wear them casually around the house.

Not only it did make me feel sexy, but I love the idea of secretly carrying these pretty glass eggs. I didn’t know how much the Premium Large Glass Eggs would benefit me personally since I’m under 30 and haven’t given birth but I was happily surprised.

After just 2 weeks of regular use, I could definitely feel the difference in my vaginal strength, sensitivity and the quality of my orgasms.

I would recommend this product to anybody with a vagina. Young or old, given birth or not, everybody could stand to feel sexy or to have more intense orgasms.

Just remember to wash the eggs after every use and not reuse them mainly. I’ve made this premium glass eggs a part of my day to day life and it benefited me hugely.

They’re comfortable to insert, pleasurable to wear and of course they’re absolutely stunning.

Thank you so much for watching my review of the Crystal Large Premium Glass Eggs. And don’t forget to enter the offer code SCORE50 at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY single item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift and FREE Shipping on your entire order.

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  1. Francis Woods August 14, 2014

    I think the video reviews are the best part of this site! Keep them coming!
    With these kegel eggs, can I still use them after the 2 weeks time and , if so, do they work better?

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen August 17, 2014

      Yes, Just remember to wash the eggs after every use and not reuse them mainly.

  2. Barbara W. Hill August 31, 2014

    I have a pair and I love them best purchase for me because it changed my life in so many ways

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen September 2, 2014

      That’s great to hear Barbara!

  3. David Floyd September 15, 2014

    I bought this for my wife as a present. She’s very happy with the eggs, which are silky smooth and just the right size.

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen September 17, 2014

      What a cool present! Brace yourself, orgasms are coming! 😉

  4. Daina Sinza September 16, 2014

    Just wow! I bought these kegel balls on a whim, secretly hoping they won’t make me have an emergency hospital trip. Holly cow, after just two weeks of squeezing them, my vagina is a lot tighter and the orgasms I get are insane.

    Because they’re rather heavy, at first it was a bit hard to keep them in, but once you get the hang of it, you will want to carry them inside all day long. When you’re done with them, just let them slip out or squat if you have trouble getting them out.

    Little tip: these will surely make you horny the second you pop them in, so they’re great as foreplay.

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen September 17, 2014

      Hahahaha It’s just what I felt! They’re really help to have an intense orgasms..

  5. Darlene C. October 9, 2014

    Very nice quality and did exactly what we wanted. Nothing negative to say about them at all. Put them in upside down for more of a challenge.

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen October 16, 2014

      Yes! you are right Darlene.

  6. Maria November 1, 2014

    Perfect. . Exactly what I was looking for.

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen November 13, 2014

      Happy to hear you love it Maria

  7. Jones November 14, 2014

    Kinda but cool. I would recommend it. It made decent timing getting here and I would recommend this product.

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen November 21, 2014

      Why weird Jones? 🙂

  8. Samantha Minthorn December 22, 2014

    They came wrapped discreetly and sooner than I thought. It is a great product.

    • Willow Litchen
      Willow Litchen January 27, 2015

      All products from are great Samantha 😉

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